Work Anniversary Gifts That Your Employees Will Enjoy

Celebrating employee’s work anniversary may seem trivial, but it is one of the best ways of showing your appreciation for many years of service. It also makes them feel like a valuable and important part of your organisation, hence motivating them to give their best efforts when at work. These gifts also create a positive work environment for all staff members since they are sure that somebody appreciates everything that they are doing to promote company’s growth. Therefore, work anniversaries are no longer an option but a necessity if you are looking to increase your company’s bottom line.

Work anniversary gifts are a bit challenging to get since most people are not used to giving this kind of gift frequently. Plenty of corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore offer work anniversary gifts, and they will help you choose an ideal one depending on your budget and the number of people receiving the present. Therefore, you do not have an excuse for not recognising the most loyal employee in your organisation who has worked there for more than 25 years. Below are ideas that you can follow while choosing anniversary gifts.

  • A Watch

A fine piece of jewellery such as a watch is an ideal gift for a person who has been employed for a long time. You can customise the watch by including the company’s name or on the face or just go with a classic wristwatch. A watch is not only stylish, but it also serves as a symbol of a good relationship between the company and the employee for a long time.

  • Gift Certificate

If the worker has been working in your company for a long time, then you should be fully aware of their favourite team or band, even their favourite local restaurant. Therefore, a ticket to watch the team play or listen to their favourite band is not only a thoughtful gift, but it also gives them some time to rewind. You can give them a gift certificate to their favourite local restaurant where they can enjoy a meal without paying.

  • Decorate their Work Station

This traditional way of showing appreciation to the employees is not going out of time anytime soon. The expression on your employee’s face the moment they walk into a finely decorated desk will be something to remember. You may pair this with a gift card signed by everyone in the office and a cake too.

  • A Work Anniversary Cake

You can order a work anniversary cake for your employee and include various decorations such as the employee’s name and years of work. Ensure that the cake that you order is your employee’s favourite. You can ask a close colleague about the employees taste in the event you have not yet learned his favourite flavours for the time that the worker has been in the office.


There are many items that you can give your employees to recognise their years of service in your organisation. You may consider going for simple items such as a personalised mug or going big with a holiday treat from your company. Remember that anniversary gifts do not depend on how much you spend but the time and effort used in recognising the employee.