Why Your Corporate Gifts Should Feel More Personal

Gift giving is always a great idea to showcase appreciation to certain people or to your group. Corporate gift giving is one way to enhance camaraderie and relationship among your employees or colleagues. It helps you and your team recognise each other’s hard work and motivate one another to meeting future objectives and goals.

This is where you should consider giving gifts with a personal touch, rather than giving out generic pieces. Gifts with a personal touch enable you to better connect with person and help better convey your feelings towards that person. In Singapore, customised gifts are not that common and giving one will make you stand out.

If you are still not convinced about getting more personal gifts, check out some of the reasons we have provided below.

1. It Helps You To Know Each And Everyone In Your Team
Before checking out different corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore, take time to get to know everyone in your team. This is the most critical part in gift giving before you actually proceed to shopping for them. You should know the person well enough so you have an idea what to give to him or her as a gift. Tailoring gifts according to one’s preferences is more enjoyable and practical, plus, it saves you time from going around figuring out what to give to whom. Look beyond to what you think the person in question would want to receive rather than what you want to give.

2. You Give a Gift with Feeling
When handing over funky or unique corporate gifts, the effort that went in will not go unnoticed. The recipient will be more than grateful for the attention you have paid to consider their preferences when selecting the gift. A personalised gift drives an individual to work harder to show you what you have given to them is worth your time and effort.

3. It Is Meant To Be Treasured Forever
While not trying to discredit generic, store-bought gifts, gifts with a noticeable personal touch tend to last longer and be treasured by the receiver. With the idea that it is selected exclusively with them in mind, the one receiving the gift is already attached to the item and will definitely make them want to cherish this particular present, even if it is a simple item.

4. It Is Simply Not Just Another Gift
Personalised gifts leave a bigger impact on the person receiving them, compared to the common gifts often given out at corporate events. Regardless, even if it is something simple, it tends to stand out from the rest simply due to the thought and effort put in when choosing it. You can do this by having your gift engraved with the receivers name or choosing at item of their favorite color. Through this, you are recognising their efforts and their value to your organisation. Gifts tend to fuel people to work harder and be more proactive. It is better to always add a personal touch even if it is just a corporate gift.