When to give and who to give corporate gifts

Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore

Corporate gifts are ideal for strengthening professional relationships. Unlike other gifts, you do not need to wait for a special occasion or holidays to send out business gifts. However, many business organizations send out gifts at the end of the year or during festivals. Business gifts usually are sent to customers, top clients, business partners, and of course employees. Here are some ideas about when to give and whom to give the business gifts.

  1. Gifts to Clients
    Gifting is an important part of maintaining a good relationship with your clients. By sending gifts, companies can stay on top of their client’s mind.If you are sending gifts to clients with big accounts, it is always a good idea to customize the gift. Get some information about clients before customizing the gift. Customized gifts would make the client feel special and value your relationship with them.

    If you have a large circle of small clients, you can consider general items with your company logo. Besides sending gifts during popular festivals like Christmas, you can also send gifts before a new product launch, upon achieving a significant milestone, or at any other time.

  2. Gifts to Employees
    Employees expect their organization to appreciate their efforts. Companies can give gifts to their employees as a token of appreciation and to encourage them to give their best. Business organizations need to give business gifts to their employees at least once every year. Gifts can be presented during festivals or annual company celebrations.While the majority of the employee prefer a cash bonus and it can be one of the options, but you can consider other options as well like restaurant cards, shopping coupons, movie tickets, or any everyday item. You should give similar gifts or gifts of same approximate value to your employees. That will ensure no one feels bad or un-appreciated.
  3. Gifts to Suppliers/Service Providers
    Suppliers and Service Providers play a major role in your business success. You can send business gifts to them once in a year during holidays or at some other important occasion. You can either send gift cards of any designated amount (which depends on your business relationship) or gift cards which can be redeemed online or at offline stores. In a case of small service providers like postal department men, it is always wise decision to send cash as it will be hard to determine their preferences.
  4. Other Important Gifting Tips
    The customized corporate gifts should have your company’s logo that will help them quickly recall your business. That is why it is important to pick gifts with large imprint space, so your company’s logo can be seen clearly. As much as possible, select gifts as per receiver’s preference and habits. Never send cheap promotional items like notepads and pens with your business logo. It is always a good idea to include a message in the gift card.