VivoGift – Mother Day 2017

Happy Mother’s Day. For this year 2017, this day falls on 14 May 2017. A day to really to express your appreciation to your mum. It’s time to think and review all the trouble or hardship your mother had gone through for you. “ All these are willingly! And they will only put it inside their heart and not in their mouth.“ VivoGift would like to go deeper and help you in the awareness of your mum, let’s go by generation:

1)        In the era before Singapore build its nation – People are already suffering and rebuilding after a lot of peace are being disrupted at the time in 1940’s. Imagine being a mother at that time? Of course, the father also suffered through.  We could not help by explaining in words If you cannot imagine the suffer they went though. But we have put in a photo below, you feel it from the picture.

2)        During the 70’s to 90’s – Many changes for the better had taken place. And changes are usually a hardship and troublesome experience. Because any changes mean that you need to adapt to new things and doing something that is out of the routing. Often this is not an easy process. Especially for mothers in this generation, they are experiencing and take risk to make a lot changes for the wellbeing of their children.  Now all these children are in the average age of about 20 plus to 40. Mostly are in the working class and are already in the better standard of living or some are also parents yourself. Do you think you can be at where you are now without them? Your mum certainly had striven a lot to ensure you are educated to be on par with you peers and have enough food. In order to let this mother days more touching, for those who are already parents themselves, do me a favor. Compare the overall convivence of being a parent of now and during that era. Hope the differences can be an additional appreciation given for you mum.

3)        After 90’s – Singapore has already turn in a success city with good standard of living. So, in terms of physical suffering, it would be lesser compare to the previous era. But in-order to keep up the standard, it is indeed not easy and bound to have a lot of future challenges. The mother has to be working and double up to take care of the children. Emotionally is very taxing.


While many of us will be buying gifts and dining out to celebrate this day or look for unique giveaways from customizable corporate gifts supplier in Singapore for mother day event, always remember not to take your mum for granted. Buying gifts for them is not purchasing an annual pass to use your mum as a maid. It is just a show of appreciation. Just continue to be filial. 

VivoGift would like to wish all mother in this world a happy mother’s day 2017 ! Stay Happy And Healthy 🙂