Unique Marketing Ideas That Will Project your brand Above the Rest

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The most frequently asked question in marketing is, what are the unique, original and remarkable marketing ideas that can distinguish ones’ product from the rest? Well, you may sometimes find it difficult to come up with the best marketing ideas that can meet this criteria day in day out as you spend most of your time meeting with clients, and following up leads.

You can sometimes start basing your ideas outside the box by identifying different alternative ways that you can use such as your website content, marketing through emails and posting on social media. Such methods may become more attractive and can help you project your brand above the rest.

Marketing expenses are hard to justify in most businesses. However, it is a cost you can never wish away. It is the most crucial factor you should consider if you want to increase the sales of your product. Poor marketing strategies will lead to business failure and vice versa. Use these tips and project your brand above the rest.

Advertising through Ads

When advertising through a radio ad for say 1 minute per day, make sure the advertisement runs on the same station and the same program every day. Be consistent in the beginning and end spot.

Similarly, when advertising your brand through the magazine, look for unique opportunities for your product promotion. Creating a small ad that runs on every page of the magazine as a header or footer, for instance, will help you stand better chances in your advertisement. You can also create a flipbook style ad that will appear in every corner of each page.

Do Something Bold and Unexpected

Breaking out of stereotypes and your norm will help you get widely noticed despite your industry. For instance, you can do a giveaway on social media every day. You could also reward some of your customers during public holidays and special days. Wedding anniversaries and birthdays are also excellent opportunities for you to reward them and show some love. This will give your followers a better reason to search for your name and keep themselves updated with your brand.

Wholesale customisable gifts are perfect for these giveaways. When it comes to buying the right gift for your clients, Singapore does not disappoint. Just check around for a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and buy one that will match your customer’s taste and represent your brand. 

Participate in Museum Contests

Are you seeking to brand your product above the rest? Pop-up its image and patronage drive? Then try spending a month at the museum. Collaborate with these institutions to come up with competitions and prizes. As a suggestion, you can get customisable gifts from wholesalers to be these prizes. More members of the public will patronise the museum, and you will be able to engage with more people as compared to televisions and radio marketing. This occasion will be an excellent opportunity to promote your brand forward and have fun at the same time.

Create a Blog Post or Video Series

Blog posts and videos are also an increasingly important unique marketing idea to people living in a community with many entertainment options or for social media. Develop a video series and blog posts to make customers interested in buying your product. Try to include the prices, sizes, and features of your product in the posts and videos.

Use Unique Business Cards

A boring business card that you have written in the plainest and smallest fonts, with only your name and the company number will not be easy to remember. Take the initiative and order for business cards that are uniquely designed and has all your details. You will often meet buyers and sellers from various industries which are thus important to have your details ready. Make a strong impression with them about your brand with your cards.

Marketing does not have to ruin your company’s financial budget. You can run successful marketing campaigns without having to spend too much. You will enjoy the efforts when the sales graph starts going up; you only just need to be creative and take a different approach. Use some of the tips above and sit back to enjoy the conversions.