Unconventional Marketing Tools That Can Help a Business

One of the significant challenges that start-ups and small companies face is competing with major companies when marketing their products. Large companies have more than enough money to spend and can finance different marketing strategies that are out of range for smaller businesses. There are other ways to increase the visibility of your business, even with a constrained budget.

Unconventional marketing methods allow upcoming businesses to make an impact in the industry. This form of marketing is also known as guerrilla marketing, due to the type of strategies it employs. It involves driving the core message in a unique way that catches the attention of your potential clients.

Great unconventional marketing tools & strategies

  1. Promote a vital cause or event

To allow new clients to notice your product, you can decide to donate to an important cause. You can also support the cause in different ways to ensure the community takes note of your presence. You can also choose to support something close to the hearts of your customers.

To show how much you care about your clients and the community, you can organise different events and contests. Come with various useful programs to help your business and your potential customers. For instance, you can sponsor a marathon, support a medical camp or even organise a tree-planting event.

  1. Catchy signs and adverts

To get your product noticed by your target customers, you can put catchy signs in public places and any place that your audience might be. You need to creatively drive your message home. You need to ensure that your adverts are in strategic places to enable people to pay attention to them.

  1. Publicity stunts

If you want your product to be memorable, you need to surprise the public with an epic publicity stunt. You will need to delight your customers, to ensure that they associate your product with something great.

  1. Offer gifts to clients

Unique corporate gifts always go a long way to ensure that your product penetrates the market. You can offer clients different rewards and memorabilia depending on the occasion and their relationship with you. This strategy brings new customers and encourages your old ones to come back for more products.

  1. Collect information about potential leads

Most businesses today keep a fishbowl for name cards in their store. This tool helps you keep all the business cards that people submit. You can check them regularly and try to follow up with potential leads. You can also use the card to randomly give people gifts and encourage others to contact you.

  1. Create a unique image for your product

If you are selling a quality product, then you will naturally get a lot of clients. Your product can be very ordinary, but you can promote it well using great marketing strategies and image creation tools. You will need to come up with a well-thought idea that will always make your product stand out. For example, a dog taking beer will make an excellent image for an alcoholic product.

Guerilla marketing strategies are fascinating and can quickly yield results without breaking the bank. You can come up with new plans and consult with market experts to stay up to date with the current trends. Using customised gifts in Singapore will assist your marketing strategies. Being creative also helps a lot when using unconventional means. Growing businesses can use these tools plus email marketing, PPC, SEO and many others that increase your conversion.