Types of Corporate Gifts and When to Give Them

One of the best ways of initiating productivity in an organization is by showing appreciation to its stakeholders. After all, who doesn’t love being appreciated? Although corporate gifting is a favorite year-end activity in the business world, some specific events can warrant a celebration before then. They don’t always have to be the same material gifts, giveaways or promotional items.

Looking for the best, most befitting corporate presents to give out in your organization?

How you celebrate your employees when the company has reached unprecedented heights is very different from the way you will honor an employee who is set to retire. That’s to say; there are gifts for employees, clients, service providers and the organization as a whole. To help you plan for this notable event and really stand out and wow everyone, here are some unique types of corporate gifts for success and when to give them out.

  1. Purposeful Corporate Gifts

Purposeful presents are items that are intended to convey a special message to their recipients. For a company’s clients and partners, these giveaways can include special details and personalized touches. When purposeful corporate offerings are presented to a company’s in-house staff, they should be able to make them happy, celebrated and proud to be a part of the company. They can be a full-day limo treat, 2-way flight ticket to a given destination or even a scholarship.

  1. Universal Corporate Gift –Can Be Used By Anyone, Anywhere and At Any Time

It doesn’t matter who you are celebrating or the basis of gifting someone when you use fitness promotional items. Exercising is a universal experience, as staying fit and in shape is critical to a life of wellness. Corporate gifts under this category, therefore, can include sports equipment, workout kits, gym memberships, etc.

  1. Trendy and Impulsive Corporate Gifts

There are those times when your organization is performing well, and you are planning to surprise the whole team with a gift that would make everyone happy. You may choose to buy a product that’s presently taking over the scene. Think of a tech product that’s trending – a Bluetooth speaker perhaps, or something like a treat at the most popular restaurant in town.

  1. Inexpensive Unexpected Gifts

Coasters aren’t everyone’s choices of corporate gifts, but these innocuous pieces can be more than a mere disposable piece of the bung. You can have their designs customized to accompany your company’s brand identity. They can also serve to protect expensive coffee tables and accentuate their beauty.

  1. Compact and Convenient Corporate Presents

When your business is looking for a way of establishing a sturdy, long-term professional relationship with its clients, you should think of a gift that the customer would have all the time. A traveling power bank, a smartphone case or anything that is required every day falls under this list. It should be practical, unique, inexpensive and convenient.

  1. Clever and Practical

If your offices are always hot and stuffy, your company may want to gift every department with a portable mini fan, a TV, a Hi-Fi Stereo system or something innovative and practical that gives your team the convenience of working and improve staff morale. Magazine subscriptions also fall under this category.

  1. Last-Minute Gifts

When you are rushing against time and can’t decide what type of gift to buy for your employees or clients, don’t fret. Many usually settle for those products that promote health and wellness – First Aid Kits or the classier fitness watches, Fitbit. These gifts have a tangible purpose and give the impression that you value the health of your employees and clients.


Now that you have learned the types of corporate gifts and when to give them, it’s time for you to start seeking corporate gift suppliers in Singapore!