Top Ten Gift Ideas For Your Male Co-Workers

Solid friendships are usually built inside the four corners of your office, and it is something different because you and your co-workers have been through the hardships of overcoming projects together. You cannot pick whom you are going to work with but if you are lucky, all your co-workers may be nice and friendly. Show a little appreciation for their kind attitude and warm welcome towards you and enhance your bonds even further!

However, are you having trouble thinking of a gift idea for your male co-workers? Fret not. Here are some gift ideas that you can get from the corporate gifts wholesale company and show your appreciation:

Mini Desktop Basketball

Let them play their favourite sport while inside the office and confined in their small cubicles! There are small desktop basketball games invented to pass the time or if they get burned out from doing a mountain of work. Break time has never been this enjoyable!

Bobble heads

Many men are fond of collecting figures and they will definitely love a bobble head of their own. Apart from getting one of their favourite characters, a better idea will be to personalize it with their face on it! It is a fun gift that figure collecting enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Shoe Cleaning Kit

Unlike woman, men often have a need to polish their leather shoes to keep them shiny. Just like how a woman is very organized with her make-ups, men, on the other hand, can get very particular when it comes to their footwear. A shoe cleaning kit is a perfect choice for your sneaker-savvy or leather-loving friend to keep their beloved shoes squeaky clean!

Sleek Power Bank

Many guys are tech-savvy too. Many of them enjoy a good game on their mobile and this, unfortunately, saps a lot of battery out of their device. A good gift you can give them is a power bank that is sleek and fits just right inside their pockets. Empty batteries no more!


Who says men cannot accessorize? Watches are a man’s best friend and it makes a sleek office suit more put together. A good watch also empowers men to be on top of their game, be more motivated, and productive to work despite a busy day at the office.

Slim Card Holder

Most men like to keep it simple. Less is more is usually their mantra every day. They would rather bring a sleek card case or wallet than bring a bulky one that does not fit their pockets. A card case that has sufficient slots for their credit cards, driver’s license, or any other IDs is a good choice that they will surely appreciate.

Neckties are one of the most important staples in a man’s closet. Neckties add that formal and put together vibe when matched perfectly with a suit.

Pocket knife

This is one of the most classic gift options out there. Most people believe that every man should own at least one pocket knife, both for outdoor use or for emergency purposes. If your co-worker is an enthusiast of outdoor activities, he will surely love this gift.

Custom Cuff Links

Perfect for both formal events or big business meetings, gift your favourite co-worker with a pair of customized cufflinks. You can even get them customized with their individual names on each cufflink set!

Grooming Kit

Another essential when it comes to men’s skincare or grooming routine is a beard kit. This is a daily ritual and of course, being clean shaven and looking crisp and bright will surely give a great impression to his potential clients for the day!

Explore these options with your corporate gifts wholesale company and find out how else you can customize these gifts. Gifts for your male co-workers? We’ve got you covered!