Top 5 Fun & Affordable Gifts For Your Co-Workers

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There is always something beautiful about gift giving and one of them is that gifts are often full of thoughts for the person whom you are giving it to. As someone who is working under a prescribed pay, your budget may seem to be limited considering that you have a handful of co-workers to give gifts to, and of course, there is your boss. Naturally, it is okay to budget money for gift giving but you do not have to compromise the quality and the excitement for each gift you will be giving out. Gifts do not always have to be expensive and grand. It is a matter of how you have put enough thoughts into them and how you have made these gifts more personalized and fun.

Below are some gift suggestions that you can get for your co-workers for a fun, exciting, and harmonious relationship in the office:

Mouse Pads

You might think that this is a very old and boring idea. However, that is not the case. One way to spice up a boring desk and work station is to add up something that speaks about a person’s personality. Mouse pads are great choice, not only are they pretty and decorative, they also serve a purpose of helping a person get their job done more easily.


No, we are not talking about plain notebooks. You can actually get your notepads personalized. You can have some motivating quotes printed on it or some words that describes a person or the company. A pretty notepad can make note taking a little less of a hassle but instead, fun and enjoyable. You can even design the pages of the notebooks such that it is useful to the processes of your organization.

Stress ball

We always have a few co-workers who instantly panics or gets easily restless due to stress. The perfect gift for these co-workers is a stress ball that he or she can press and squeeze whenever they feel stressed out. It is a fun gift that speaks a lot of humor and definitely well thought about!

Heat Changing Mug

When the days go dull and you need a boost of warm coffee, this heating coffee mug is perfect for your officemate who lives on this classic drink. To get an extra boost of energy and survive the day, a warm cup of coffee is necessary—and a beautiful coffee mug comes in as a bonus. The recent trend on coffee mugs are designs that actually change when it becomes heated by the substance inside. Heat changing mugs change the usual way of drinking coffee and help add a small element of fun to the day.

Table Top Organizer

This is for the co-workers who love organizing things on top of their table, or for the ones who never organizes their tables. A table top organizer is one of the best gifts to give to them. There are many DIY kits for organizers available in the market for an affordable price as well. It is very helpful when they want to maximize desk space while still keeping their necessities within reach.

It may actually look like a lot of work at first when thinking for a particular gift to give to a single person or your whole company but trust us, that is the beauty of gift giving. You can check out different corporate gifts wholesale companies in Singapore and find out if they have these products. In fact, they can even suggest more interesting gift ideas that will suit your aim and budget. Have fun with your gift shopping!