Three Things To Consider When Buying In Bulk

Buying in wholesale or in bulk poses different pros and cons. Bulk buying, without a doubt, is money saving. But the real question is, is that all that matters? Do we get more benefit than saving money? And what do we need to consider when we have decided to buy corporate gifts in bulk?

Remember, when you have successfully made a bulk purchase, it can not only save you money but time and effort as well. We have listed the top three things that you need to consider when you are planning to buy things in bulk:

Its price-per-unit(PPU)

You have to properly analyze and compare prices. Ask yourself if you can really save a few bucks when you get a specific item in bulk. Keep in mind that PPU is not the number of quantity but rather the amount a good is priced per unit of measurement. For example, a bottle of perfume is not a unit. On the other hand, the amount of perfume in milliliters is the unit. Calculate the amount that you are paying per unit and determine if getting an item in bulk is worth it or not.

Buy Wisely

Buying in bulk is truly tempting. However, ask yourself if you really want to get a particular item or give away the same item for everyone. Remember, while it is good to buy in wholesale, variety is also very important. On the other hand, most corporate gift wholesale in Singapore will let you choose different types of items that you can include in your bulk. For example, you can get ten pens and add fifteen notepads while still getting them at a wholesale price. Think about whether you really need to get the same thing before you end up spending more than your budget.

Your budget

It is very important to take your budget into consideration. Your budget is your guiding tool to what kind of gifts you can get at your required quantity. You might start questioning why this thing about budget keeps on popping when we talk about buying in bulk. The answer is simple. People who tend to buy in bulk often go over the top—thinking that they have sufficient funds or that they should purchase more since the PPC is low. In the end, it leads to over buying or the bulk purchase of the same thing which is inefficient if you want variety in your gifts.

The option of buying wholesale can help you benefit from it, provided that you do a thorough assessment before sealing the deal. There is nothing wrong with contacting various companies who offer bulk selling. It is actually a good choice to make when you list several options to get your gifts from. That way, you are not limited—not only in terms of items but as well as the discounts you can enjoy. However, always keep in mind that while it is normal to haggle, never be disrespectful to your suppliers!