The Psychology of Corporate Gift Giving

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Corporate gift giving is a powerful force in business if done correctly. Most successful corporations know this, and they present gifts to their clients and employees at least annually. Gift giving not only helps you bond with your colleagues and employees, but it also creates a healthy working environment for everyone in the office. Giving gifts is a perfect way of building lasting networks, market your company and retain your customers. Common corporate gifts ideas in Singapore include pens, portable chargers and notepads. It is therefore not just a cultural practice that every employer in Singapore should engage in but also a sure way of ensuring productivity and continued growth for a company.

Give Extra Thought to Your Gifts

Corporate gifts are usually a perfect way of showing appreciation, but employers often give employees gifts with the hope that they will work in their favour. However, sometimes this is not the case and the receiver might misinterpret the giving act, leading to strained relationships between co-workers. It is therefore advisable to follow a company’s broad guidelines to avoid any awkward situations that come after a failed gift-giving exercise. There is no shortage of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore to purchase gifts from. Employers have a wide range of gifts to choose from. A gift that appears generic and not useful might end up finding its way into the trash a few minutes after receiving it. Giving gifts that have real, practical utility will help you avoid such incidences.


This is a common psychological term in gift giving. Humans are compelled to give something in return after receiving a gift or a kind gesture from someone. The receiver will always develop a high level of loyalty towards a giving employer, leading to higher productivity. Clients are also likely to seek services from a company that they have received gifts from since they always feel indebted to the giver. Remember the corporate world is very competitive, and a small token goes a long way in getting trust from your clients.

Personalising Your Gifts

Giving a personalised gift is a huge psychological boost for the employee or a customer. It is easy to procure personalised gifts in Singapore, and the personal touch will always make the gift receiver feel wanted. A handwritten gift card also goes a long way in making the employer feel special. Remember to deliver a corporate gift in person if you want to leave a positive mark on your clients or workers.

Create a Balance between Cheap and Expensive

Spending too little on a gift may render it cheap while an expensive present may appear as bribery. The two extremes will always leave a negative impression on a gift receiver. Remember corporate gift giving aims at recognising a customer’s loyalty or employee’s hard work, not to make them feel eternally indebted to you. A cheap present, on the other hand, would make the recipient feel undervalued and cheated, which may hurt their performance at work.


Corporate gift giving can be stressful especially if you have no idea about your employees’ tastes or preferences. However, you can never go wrong with a personalised gift note for everyone in the company, a gift card, or voucher. Some companies allow the employee or a client to pick an item of their choice, which is equally satisfying for both parties. Remember value is more important than the sticker price in corporate gifts. A small gesture such as gift giving is enough to develop a good relationship with workers and clients and maintain them for a long period hence the need to practice it often.