Some Great and Affordable Customized Corporate Gifts Ideas

There is a marketing medium, which is more efficient than TV spots and radio spots but costs many times less than them. Do you want to know its name?

Well, it is Customized Corporate Gifts.

According to a survey, logoed drinkware is a better advertising tool compared to TV spots and radio ads. In this unique survey, the researchers concluded that over 55 percent of consumers could correctly recall the name of the advertiser on a mug, but only 30 percent of radio listeners and TV audience could correctly link an ad to its advertiser.

However, better recall value is not the only benefit you get when you offer gifts to your consumers.

Another study showed that nearly 50 percent of consumers who had received a gift believed that they were more likely to do repeat business with the company.

So, in effect, when you handout gifts, you ensure that your brand remains in front of your consumers’ mind and increase your chances of winning repeat business. The latter is of particular importance because research shows that it costs eight times more to win a new customer than retaining an old one.

Do all gifts help you achieve the same goal? Alternatively, are some more efficient at helping you connect with your consumers than others?

Well, let’s look at the answer.

Characteristics of a successful gift

When it comes to bonding with your consumers, your choice of gift and how you use it makes a world of difference. If you are thinking of handing out gifts at a promotional event, ensure your choice has the following qualities:

  • Usability – In most cases, you would want to gift an item which consumers are going to use often, preferably every day. The logic is simple: the more your consumers will use your gift, the greater the chances of them remembering your brand. Repeated use also ensures better exposure to others, especially if it is an outdoor item, that is, something that consumers can carry with themselves everywhere.
  • Quality – Of course, it goes without saying that consumers will be only happy with a quality product. A below-par product will make them form a bad opinion about your company.
  • Large imprint space – Lastly the gift item must have an ample imprint area so that you can display your logo or brand message. There’s one thing you must keep in mind. Ensure the branding is consistent across all platforms.

Five Practical and Affordable Gift Ideas

Next time you plan to handout customized corporate gifts, think about these everyday items:

  1. Neoprene Wine or Can Coolers – Almost everybody loves a drink now and then. Help your customers enjoy their favourite drink in style.
  2. Stylish Sports Bottles – Promote engagement in outdoor activities among your consumers.
  3. Laptop bags – Here is another practical gift choice. Apart from high usability, laptop bags have a especially large imprint space which you can use much to your advantage.
  4. Pen holders – An excellent choice for consumers who spend most of their working time sitting behind a desk.
  5. T-shirts – Gifts do not get more personalized than this! Promote a feeling of community among your customers, especially if your company supports a social cause, like fight against pollution or spreading awareness about a disease.