Should you Put your Brand on your Corporate Gift?

Brand advertisement forms the bedrock of most marketing tactics, and the goal is to generate as much visibility and recognition for the brand as possible. Different strategies are applied to achieve this goal. A successful branding strategy would be sharing out branded corporate gifts with your clients, employees or suppliers.

While marketing is a key function for the sustainability of a given business, it doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your budget to generate effective leads. Branded corporate gifts act as a cost-effective marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. Even blue chip companies use this marketing strategy. For smaller startups, branded corporate gifts help reduce their marketing expenditure and still draw the necessary attention of potential clients to them.

A rule of thumb with corporate gifts is to give items used on a daily basis. These gifts can be water bottles, portable chargers, laptop bags, lip balms, calendars and so on. This article explains the benefits that come with putting your brand name or logo on corporate gifts.

Low-cost successful marketing

Smaller companies, especially startups, can only dream of a big advertising campaign to reach a wider audience. Even with the lack of funds, companies can still realise their marketing objectives by using branded corporate gifts. Gifts can be sourced cheaply from corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore. Gift items such as pens and notepads may not seem like much, but their promotional impact on recipients will be quite high. A high percentage of recipients are always able to remember the advertiser on the gift. If this sounds too insincere, customised corporate gift suppliers can help you augment each gift for their respective recipients.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition denotes that the customers can recognise your company and its offerings as soon as they see your logo. For example, people can instantly identify Apple computers and mobile devices upon seeing its logo.

By gifting your clients with gifts imprinted with your logo or name, you’re helping them remember and identify your business. This is the primary reason for giving out promotional items. If the gift is useful to the recipient, it will remain in the client’s home, office or car for a long time, each time reminding the user about your company. Every time they see your logo, they quickly recall the gift and your company. They are more likely to recognise your products and buy them when they are out shopping.

Greater brand visibility

An advert on a billboard or TV hardly commits itself to your memory. However, corporate gifts can be seen and used over and over again. For instance, some recipients will carry a gym duffel bag for every visit to the gym. Or they will charge their devices using your portable power bank more often than seeing a commercial. When these gifts are branded with your company name or logo, they increase your brand visibility every day.

Research shows that people can easily remember the name or the logo of the advertiser on the corporate gift that they were given in the last year. In contrast, only a handful of people can remember the name of the advertiser seen in a newspaper or magazine in the previous week.


Putting your brand name or logo on your corporate gifts is a great marketing strategy. It won’t cost you a lot and the branded gift will create a buzz around your business and brand.