Interest Rate Rising?

Recently there is an increase in interest rate by 0.22 % point from the United States central bank (Federal Reserve). It is not a shocking news. We said that this is expected due to few reasons. For instant, the GDP for U.S. during the end quarter of 2016 has increased at an annual rate by approximately 1.9%. Comparing to the same quarter during year 2015 of only about 1%.

Based on this small record trend, especially using 4th quarter which is also widely known as the holiday season quarter (VivoGift call this “gifting season“). This could suggest that there is slight improvement in this short-term uncertainty period, as the consumer starts to feel comfortable to spend more for a better holidays.

As such, this could be one of the reason that Central Bank implemented the interest rates increment. While the world stock market is trying to digest the news, it is unlikely to have very big impact to Singapore at this juncture.

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