How You Can Use Corporate Gifts as a Marketing Tool

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Corporate gifts are a great way to make your consumer realize that your company is way ahead of other corporations. Other than that, this gesture helps customers feel that your firm knows how to handle its after-services well to maintain a good consumer relationship with them. However, the question is how can you most effectively use such business gifts as a marketing tool to your advantage? We will show you two ways how corporate gifting can be used as an advertising tool.

Add a small message with the gift

Here is a smart way of using business gifts as a means to publicize your own firm or brand. For example, you may gift a small watch with your logo printed on its wrist band in a fashionable way to make your customers fall in love with your brand. Or you may gift a pen with your logo printed on its surface with a little side note, saying “We love going the extra distance!” This will build a tasteful and reliable image of your brand in the mind of your customers. However, if you really plan to set your firm’s image with one corporate gift and a little message with it, do make sure that your gift meets all the expectations of your consumers. Know what your client loves and hates, give him or her gifts that have more chances of winning their loyalty over. Check the product you are gifting to ensure that it does not malfunction when it reaches your customer because if it does, your plan to impress then will certainly backfire.

Give out business gifts in small events

Many experienced dealers believe that one of the most effective ways to use business gifts as a marketing tool is by inviting your clients for a series of talks related to your service and promising them gifts at the end of the event. Having complimentary gifts is a powerful tool to attract consumers for their patronization. You should make sure that the information you are giving out to the participants must be concise and interesting. Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to make the subject matter of a presentation interesting, so tell your speakers to include jokes in the middle of their speeches to ensure that the audience’s attention is captured.

After the speech, thank the participants verbally and get them to fill out a small form to inquire what they understood from the information presented. In this manner, you can get a good idea of whether your clients understood the different features of your service. The corporate gifts are used to end the whole event nicely. This practice pays off as clients who attend such events may go out and spread the word about your company if your offerings benefitted them. Consequentially, your firm will be able to acquire many contacts from your events.

There are many other ways corporate gifting can be used as a marketing tool. Many businesses still make use of this method to capture new leads and maintain their current customer relationships. Apart from attracting new customers, corporate gifting will also have a long lasting effect on building your customers’ loyalty.