How You Can Show Appreciation To Your Frontline Employees

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Showing your employees that you appreciate them is extremely important.

The primary benefit of showing your frontline employees appreciation is that it builds or strengthens employer-employee relationships. When employees see that their employer considers them as humans and not just objects at their command, it makes them more willing to do their job and consequently increases productivity. Showing employee appreciation also boosts happiness and morale leading to better workplace attitudes. The company will also build a reputation of valuing their employees, in turn increasing its status to potential employees.

You can show your appreciation to your employees by adopting corporate gifting. This is where a company or corporation gives its employees, clients and customers tokens or gifts to show appreciation, to reward them or to market their products. Corporate gifting for front-line employees in Singapore can manifest in a multitude of different ways:

  • REWARDS PROGRAM – This is where an employee can increase his chances of being rewarded by meeting certain requirements. This creates a competitive environment among employees which, in turn, boosts production. Based on the rewards scoreboard, you can then gift whatever you see fit, be it office supplies, household appliances, tickets, gift certificates or a cash bonus;
  • SURPRISES – Surprising your employees with gifts or shortened work days can go a very long way especially when it is something they are not expecting. This will boost spirits and can really help employees who are having a rough time;
  • FEED THEM – Everyone loves eating, especially when it isn’t at their own expense. Sweets and snacks in the lunch room or even getting caterers on specific days can warm their hearts and their stomachs;
  • HOST EVENTS – Office parties held at Christmas, birthdays and other holidays or special events are a way for you and your employees to let loose, mingle and get to know each other. It also lightens the mood and causes employees to feel appreciated. At these events, little tokens or gifts may be distributed. These gifts can be purchased in bulk at cheap prices from corporate gift wholesalers in Singapore;
  • PROVIDE STATIONERY AND OTHER MATERIALS – While some companies provide their employees with pens and staplers, safety equipment and other stationery, others do not or fall short. It is therefore in your and the employee’s best interest that you provide them with the tools needed to perform their job to the best of their ability. Replacing old or faulty stationery and equipment shows the employees that you are attentive to their needs and seek to support them as much as possible. Further benefits can be reaped by exchanging personalised gifts and you can purchase customised corporate gifts in Singapore;
  • OFFER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS & BURSARIES – These scholarships and bursaries can be made available to not only the employees but also their direct family members such as siblings, parents or children. This shows the employees that you care not only about them, but their families’ future, encouraging them to work even harder to attain these educational subsidies;
  • FREE SERVICES – If our corporation is one which specializes in providing services such as housekeeping or gardening, you can offer employees free services or services at reduced prices. This will reinforce the feeling of belonging to a family.

Now that you know the benefits of showing your frontline employees appreciation and the types of corporate gifts up for selection, how will you choose to show your employees appreciation?