How to Strengthen Relationships with Your Employees

For optimal productivity, employees and employers have to work in harmony. Morale drops the moment conflicts emerge in any organization. Consequently, productivity will be significantly reduced. How can these conflicts be avoided or ironed out for maximum productivity?

You are like a tree that gives shelter to other plants and birds. The moment you lose your calm, everything below you goes as well. As the employer, learn more about your employees and understand where and when they work best. Underutilization can be hugely demotivating for employees. Your customers deal with your employees one on one. They determine the perspective your clients will have towards your business. Therefore, having a good relationship with them will boost your business. The following are some ways that can help you in building better relationships with your employees.

  1. Assure them of job security

Psychologists understandably claim that this is one of the needs of employees. Uncertainty can lead to lack of morale in the work environment. Employees feel appreciated and valued when they know their long-term personal objectives can be met in the company.

  1. Be involved

It is vital to be involved in what is being done in the organization. The involvement gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with your employees. You will also understand the environment they operate in, to give them better support.

  1. Appreciation

Some employees will do exemplary work. It is vital to appreciate their effort. Do not let it go unnoticed. There are several ways you can show gratitude to performing employees. It could be a pat on the back, promotion, customised corporate gifts , or higher remuneration.

  1. Team building vacations

Apart from the usual workplace interactions, organize a day off for your employees. Interact with them in an informal setup. They also get to learn the other side of you. However, this should be moderated not to breed a lack of seriousness in the workplace. Let them distinguish between time to have fun and time for business.

  1. Full disclosure

Let your employees understand what is happening within the organization. Employees will feel comfortable to consult you if you demand their input in business matters. Avoid closed-door meetings, as it will make employees feel left out. Unless it is unnecessary, make sure all employees can identify with what is happening in the organization.

  1. Be approachable

Being close to your employees is crucial. Let them know they can air their concerns or grievances to you at any time. Employers fail by being distant from those who are directly involved in the daily activities of the company. It will be easier for them to point out areas that need special attention in your business.

  1. Allow genuine leaves

Unless the reason is fabricated, do not be too stringent on your employees’ leave. Allow them to take days off if it is necessary. Harsh terms will only lead to bad blood between you and the workers. Whenever an employee takes leave, make follow up calls to know how they are doing.

Realization of company goals and objectives calls for the total commitment of employees and employers. The boss should create a healthy work environment for the subordinates. High performing employees should be rewarded, and there are plenty of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore to get the best reward.