How to run a successful corporate gift program

Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore

With top clients, you must see every interaction as an opportunity to say, “Your business is important to me.” If a client is not happy with a gift, it would not mean that is the end of the business relationship, but appropriate gifts can help you make a good impression and stand apart from the competition.

The right kind of gifts can make your business more memorable to clients, and in the current market of extremely similar products as well as pricing, this advantage is not a small one.

Remember how you felt when you received a nice gift from a business contact? Probably you felt special at receiving the gift and more inclined to do business with that company in future.

Well, you can make your customers feel the same way by giving away smart corporate gifts.

Here are some suggestions to help you run a successful gift program.

Create Occasions

A holiday is not the only time when you can give out gifts to the client. More and more companies are now giving gifts to their clients at other times of the year. As a matter of fact, many experts believe that recipients appreciate business gifts more than during the holiday season.

Here are some examples of year-round occasions for sending a gift.

  1. Celebrate

    Smart gift givers are excellent at finding opportunities to celebrate. You send a gift to congratulate a person on his or her birthday, anniversary, new job, retirement, new account, promotion, wedding, new baby, new office and more.

  2. Motivate

    Reward individuals when they complete a challenging project, achieve a goal or solve a problem. You can also recognize and reward employees for consistent performance over an extended period. Some companies prefer to gift gifts, not after completion of a complex project, but just before it starts. A novel approach, it helps to motivate employees, instead of waiting until the end of the project.

  3. Thanks

    Many a time, thanks were not addressed as often as it should be. You can use customized corporate gifts to show your gratitude for a person’s business, extra help, dedicated work, referrals, contacts and more.

  4. Pick with care

    A lot of care and attention goes into choosing the right personalized gift for someone. It is imperative that the gift you choose suits to individual’s hobbies and interests. For instance, if you are aware that a top client loves playing golf, you can give him a golf-related item as a gift. Similarly, if one of your best clients is a wine connoisseur, he or she will surely appreciate receiving a bottle of rare wine.