How To Make Corporate Gift Presentations Unforgettable

Corporate gift giving has now become a common practice in Singapore’s corporate space. Business owners now understand the importance of giving gifts at workplace more than ever before. They are now using tokens to show their appreciation to employees and strengthen relationships with clients. Many companies are looking to get customised corporate gifts in Singapore as trendy alternatives to the traditional mugs, bottles of wine, or gift baskets.

Employees and clients are the most important components of any business. Therefore, appreciating them in the most unique way possible should be the number one priority for business owners. There is also a lot of information available for the business owners, from the importance of corporate gift giving to the etiquette of gift presentation, but most people are yet to be familiar with the art. This guide discusses how to leave a lasting impression with a corporate gift.

  • Personalisation

Personalising a gift is a perfect way of showing the recipient that you value them and you are willing to spend time and energy on a present. Corporate gifts should be about the receiver and not about the giver. Therefore, you should be ready to take more time learning about their tastes and preferences, so that you can customise the gift according to that. This may take extra time and money, but the effort will be worth it in the end. There are many places providing personalised gifts in Singapore.

  • Overcome the Temptation to Over-Brand

Some business owners are tempted to put a huge logo on a mug or a bag that they intend to give to a client or an employee. However, this changes the whole purpose of the gift since it no longer acts as an item that shows appreciation but instead becomes a marketing strategy. Corporate gifts are about the gift’s recipient, so you can even give a gift without the company’s logo to a loyal customer and they will remember you for the gift itself.

  • Invest in a Good Packaging Option

The gift’s recipient will see its exterior before opening the gift. Getting a beautiful box or a gift wrapper for your corporate gift shows that you have put a decent amount of thought and effort into the gift you are offering. You can get nice wrappers or boxes from most corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, and they will help you with the packaging.

  • Present Your Gift to the Recipient

An employee will feel appreciated and valued if the employer takes the time to deliver the gift instead of getting someone else to do it. They will always remember the moment you shook their hand and presented the gift to them. This is not only going to boost their spirits, but you are likely to see a sudden increase in the employee performances within a short time.


People give thousands of gifts every month, but an excellent presentation will always leave a lasting mark. Unlike wedding or birthday gifts that are meant to congratulate friends and family on achieving specific milestones, corporate gifts are meant to appreciate clients and employers for their loyalty and continued support. Therefore, you should be ready to invest a lot of time and energy in getting a gift that will leave a good impression on recipients. Most professional corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore will be more than happy to help you get the perfect gift for your clients, so you should not shy away from asking for help.