How to Come Up with the Best Corporate Gift Ideas

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Buying gifts for people is only easy when you know your recipient well and this goes the same for buying corporate gifts in Singapore for your clients. While you may feel that buying customized corporate gifts for your customers is very different from buying gifts for your friends, they actually follow a similar concept and process. So how can you come up with the best corporate gift ideas to amaze your clients? Here are some of the best ways of doing so.

Know your client

Knowing your client is the key to coming up with great corporate gift ideas. If you know what your clients like and dislike, what they need and what they do not need, you can have a good idea of what they should love as a gift. Many consultants make the mistake of buying something expensive but useless. As Tinku Razoria says, “Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best of all”. Selecting the most appropriate and special gifts for your clients is not an easy task. It needs you to invest time in deciding the right one, something many people are reluctant to allocate time for. They just go to a corporate gifts wholesale shop and buy the most expensive gift available. This way they fail to buy anything remotely close to the interests of their clients. As a result, the value of the gift presented drops significantly.

Research before giving any personalized gift to your client

This is one of the most crucial things that you need to do if you really want to gift your client the best thing possible. Coming up with smart gift ideas takes time as discussed above. First, think about what your client likes and incorporate their preferences into your choice. Sometimes, it is best to give chocolates or flowers. However, be careful as in certain cultures, flowers are considered a bad omen. Depending on the nature of the business, not all clients will be satisfied with a pack of chocolates and they might expect more. But you must also keep in mind not to cross the fine line between a classy gift and an overly expensive one. Giving too extravagant a gift may suggest hidden intentions or even considered as a bribe.

Keep your options open

When you have made your choice, visit different corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore. Compare the colours, quality, design and prices of the products you are interested in. There are surely many suppliers you can find, opt for the one that not only gives you quality products but quality services as well.

Determine if gender matters

Lastly, it is important that you find out the amount of men and women coming to your event. This step is important so that you can decide if you need to prepare gender-specific gifts. The most common gifts are often non-gender specific, though the customer may play with the choice of colours given. If possible, you can even do a little research on your guests and see what each one likes, so all your gifts are personalized tokens.