Corporate Gifts That Your Employees Will Not Throw Aside

Your staff members are a key part of your company’s success story. As expected, you want to show your appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and commitment. A unique corporate gift is a fantastic way to make them feel appreciated for all they do.

Many employees prefer non-traditional gifts from their employers. While generic gifts such as gift cards and office supplies may seem satisfactory to you, they do not show you recognise and value your staff members. There is nothing inherently wrong with these gifts. It’s just that they are very boring and predictable which means you also look boring when you give them out. And who wishes to work for such an employer?

This year, think outside the box by giving your employees something that will make them stop and think, ‘Hold on a minute, I truly love this gift.’ Here are great corporate gifts ideas in Singapore to wow your staffers with, with something for everybody on your team.

Personalised desk nameplates

You can make your staffers feel more important by gifting them with personalised desk nameplates. It’s akin to awarding them a promotion without giving them the actual promotion. The nameplate can feature a wood base, glass plate and vinyl lettering. Choose different colours for the customised letters.

Laptop messenger bag

When you gift your employee with a stylish laptop bag, it will serve two purposes for you. Apart from being a unique employee gift, it will make your employee more likely to carry their laptop home and finish up on any pending work. This makes you quite a thoughtful employer and a tactical motivator.

Mug warmer

People who have previously worked at a desk job will agree that it’s very easy to get distracted and waste time browsing on the Internet. Then your coffee gets cold, and you have to go to the kitchen and warm it up. Gift your employees with a small electric mug warmer which can be stationed at their desk. They won’t have to waste office hours getting up and warming their coffee in the kitchen.

Kitchen knife set

Yes, the knife set. It’s such a classic gift to employees. While everyone needs a good set of kitchen knives, no one goes out to buy them. Getting this gift for your workers is bound to make them happy, and a happy team translates into a positive working environment.

Spa basket

Another fantastic go-to gift option for the employee whom you can’t seem to figure out what to get is a spa basket. We all love pampering bath products, men included, although we only rarely admit it. This gift hamper includes shower gel, bath salts, body scrubs, as well as a few caramels and cookies. Augmenting it to suit their tastes makes it a fantastic customised corporate gift in Singapore.

Fitness club memberships

Reward your workers with the healthy gift of a workout. This is an awesome and unique corporate gift for workers because it will motivate them to start working out. Almost everyone is trying to maintain a healthy body these days so you can be sure your employees will appreciate the gift.

Sometimes, the only obstacle standing in the way of someone who wants to go to the gym is the membership fee. Clear that obstacle with a friendly shove in the right direction. In fact, many fitness clubs and gyms offer discounted prices for corporate memberships so you can be sure of getting a good deal out there.


When thinking about which gift to get your employees, look at its practicality or usefulness to the recipient. As such, your employee gift is bound to elicit a good response. There are plenty of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, so there is no excuse to getting a boring gift.