Best Corporate Gift Ideas That Can Be Used At Work

Best Corporate Gift Ideas That Can Be Used At WorkShopping for gifts to shower to your employees or clients is another bold way of appreciating them, and it goes a long way in enhancing their commitment to your business. It also establishes a stable professional relationship, regardless of how it is presented. It could be a uniquely designed card, customised apparel or anything that shows your appreciation.

However, deciding what to buy isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially when you don’t want to spend a lot or purchase something ordinary and commonplace. You might even be unsure of appropriate corporate gift ideas in Singapore. For clients, you will have to be careful not to shower them with gifts that look like you’re buying their loyalty and attention. You should not dare buy one of those gift items that will be shoved into a dusty corner of your clients’ offices.

Looking for the best gifts that can be used at work, motivate your employees and show them some love all at once? Check out the following corporate gift ideas.

  • A Moonster Leather Journal

There are no doubt your business’ clients and employees do a lot of note-taking, and this gift will undeniably be of use to them. A Leather Journal is an unique, durable and presentable choice that will be useful to them. It can be beautifully handcrafted from naturally tanned leather with many pages up for use.

  • A Coffee Mug Warmer

Many people can’t go a day without a cup or two of their favourite coffee. However, not all coffee lovers like the taste of lukewarm or cold coffee. And so, here’s another fantastic gift for both your corporate clients and employees – a Coffee Mug Warmer to keep their beverages warm. It can be purchased online and costs less than $15!

  • Brilliant and intuitive Natural Bamboo Charging Station

Help your clients and employees charge their phones and tablets in an organised manner using a convenient and classy charging gadget. It sits comfortably on any flat surface and can hold up to four smartphones at a go. Of course, it will save them the hassle of dealing with tangled cords all the time.

  • A Bottle of Fine Wine

Who said your employees or clients don’t do fine wine, maybe once in a while?

Wine as a corporate gift means a lot and leaves most of them feels appreciated. As for you, you can get a good bottle without unnecessarily breaking your budget. Unbelievably, there are some choices that many are yet to taste, but cost as little as $16 and can be ordered online.

  • Smart fitness tools

We are living in an era where being fit and healthy isn’t a choice anymore. In that spirit, you can gift them with a product that would remind them to exercise and be fit all the time. There’s a cute, compact and wearable gift called Fitbit. It is a notorious productivity booster for your team and something a bit more unique and fashionable.

Aside from these, you can also add some humour to your gift giving strategy by personalising such items as notebooks, pens, or journals with witty and amusing messages. Gift vouchers are other popular ideas, though they can be expensive for a startup. Such tactics are bound to capture the hearts of your recipients. There is an abundance of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, so there should not be a problem in procuring a gift.