Free Gifts For Singapore Babies Born 2016 And 2017

Hey everyone!

Recall SG50, during 2015 when Singapore celebrates 50 years of country building. For parents with baby born that year have received many goodies such as:

  1. For a child born on or after 1 Jan 2015, Baby bonus in the form of cash bonus was given away from $8,000.00 per child onwards up to $10,000.00 per child depending on the number of child in the family:
    • For first and the second kid in the family, they will be receiving $8,000.00 per child
    • For the third kids onwards, they will be receiving $10,000.00 per child
  2. 1 dollar for 1 dollar matching in the child development account (CDA) up to $6,000.00. Which means, when parents deposit $6,000.00 into the account, the Singapore government will top up $6,000.00. This will give the family and baby a boost of $12,000.00 inside the CDA bank account. This money inside the CDA account can be used for child care usage, medical, etc. Not to worry for any unused amount, as it will be transferred to your children CPF ordinary account when they grow up.
  3. SG50 baby gift set only for babies born during year 2015

Recent news :

Recently, it was announced that baby gift set will also be given away for Singapore babies born in 2017 and extending it to 2016 babies as well. For those eligible parents, just look out for more details from Singapore heybaby.


Advantage of the baby gift set:

The items given can be very useful, especially for first time parents. Because this gift package can help them as a start to their parenthood. Just to give some idea, it could consist of baby sling, baby romper, baby napkin, diaper bag, or even some products are customized corporate gifts. Do check them out in advance, so that you can avoid buying extra.


Our opinion:

VivoGift welcomes this initiative. In our opinion, as a customized corporate gifts supplier, we find that this gift set together with the existing monetary bonus and many other things that is to be given away by the government, as well as the nation infrastructure, simply shows the government is all out to provide additional encouragement and support for those who are keen to have children and establishing family. Therefore, if you have decided to plan for babies, just go for it!

Morever Singapore is a best place with a conducive environment for family planning.