Four Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Co-Workers

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Figuring out what gifts to give your co-workers might be intimidating as you do not know where to start; or if you basically have zero idea what to hand over to them. Always keep in mind that people have different preferences, personalities, and attitudes. If you can figure out their hobbies and personalities, then these key factors can serve as good pillars when you start shortlisting which gifts to give out to a specific person.

Recently, the trend on giving personalized gifts in Singapore has saved many the hassle of gift options. Personalized gifts are great idea as they are very easy to find and yet, it shows that each gift has been given a serious thought. The next time need to present gifts, contact your corporate gifts wholesale company to discuss what sort of customizable gift ideas you can materialize. Check out four of these personalized gift ideas here:


Make drinking water from boring to fun by gifting your co-workers with personalized tumblers. You can have these tumblers printed with their names, an inspiring quote, or anything that speaks their character. Tumblers are also a good choice when it comes to gifting since it can serve as a reminder for your co-workers to stay hydrated no matter how busy a particular workday is!

Personalized Paperweights

Keep those papers in place and from flying away while doing it in style! Personalized paperweights are the next big thing in a gift giving list as they add an extra punch to old, boring, and plain paperweights. Have these weights personalized by having your officemate’s name printed on them or their initials to also keep these paperweights from going missing!

Coin Banks

Perfect for that officemate who’s frugal and always saving up for the rainy days, get him or her a personalized coin bank! Make saving money more fun and motivating by giving your co-worker a unique yet decorative coin bank. For ideas, you can have the coin back painted with different colours, or use unique and one-of-a-kind materials like different types of woods such as bamboo, or use paints to beautify the plain, old school coin bank.

Passport Wallets

Keep those precious travel documents and passports in a stylish holder. This gift is perfect for your officemate who wanders a lot and travels the world often. Passport wallets protect documents from getting unwanted folds and tears. Passport wallets are often made from leather that only differs in texture, finish, and how you want them personalized. For example, you can have their initials engraved on one side of the wallet. A passport wallet is also a great choice to keep your passport from getting lost!

There is always something good about personalized gifts. You get to individualize each item on your list and add that personal feeling to it—like you specifically picked that gift carefully thinking about each and every person included in your list. Your co-workers are bound to love it!