Five Gender-neutral Corporate Gift Ideas to Consider Giving

Giving gifts to your subordinates, co-workers, or bosses? Not sure what to give but wanted to gift something that can be useful and thoughtful at the same time? Why not consider giving gender-neutral gifts to ease the difficulty of figuring out what to get for everyone?

Gifts that are perfect for all genders are more useful and uniform. You just have to add a touch of personality by differentiating wrapper of these items. Who says that personalised gifts have to be boring?

With enough research and information, surely, you will come up with nice gender-neutral gifts for your co-workers!

This article focuses on the different kinds of gender-neutral gifts that you might find useful for your next corporate gathering to hand out to everyone to showcase appreciation!

Check them out below:

Soy Candles In A Personalized Jar

Soy candles are great souvenirs or to be given at a corporate event. You can make each jar unique by having the names of your subordinates printed on a sticker and attached to the lid or onto one side of the jar. Soy candles have started to become a favourite due to its benefits such as it does not emit toxins, carcinogens, and pollutants that are all harmful to both the body environment. Make a statement with your soy candle and its container by being creative and personal with the labels to make everything more memorable and thoughtful.


Adults love socks. They are comfortable, provides warmth, and have started to become a fashion statement in the recent years. Gift a pair to everyone depending on their style, attitude, and how you have come to know them. Usually, companies would offer discounts when buying items in bulk. Companies that provide corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore usually have different items to offer; it is better to inquire in a couple of stores before settling where to buy.


Let your colleagues fill in a journal about their day or gift them something where they can jot down important notes for meetings. A journal is always a great idea when thinking about what to gift everyone with. Aside from it being gender-neutral, it is also very useful as a working individual. Let them document their day, keep them reminded, and relinquish their childhood days while doodling over the pages during break periods!

Water Bottle

Always be the reminder to your colleagues to have some water break now and then. Not only water provides comfort, but it also lightens the mind and improves concentration. A water bottle beside them can help them be reminded from time to time to take a few sips while busy working on something. Worried that it might look to generic and boring? Personalise each bottle with their names on it for a nicer approach and feeling!

Portable Charger

If you have the budget, consider giving everyone a power bank printed with their names on it! With the ever-changing technology and the demand to stay updated, a power bank is a good idea as a gift not only for your tech-savvy co-workers but also to those who want to stay connected and in touch with their loved ones.