Five Creative Ways To Wrap Your Gifts

You might think, “Why do I have to be troubled with gift wrapping when I can just buy wrapping papers from the mall?” It may be convenient but having something more personal and creative will bring out a different value in your gift. Ditch those boring gift paper bags and typical wrapping papers as there are many options around the internet that you can use for free or you can even recycle old boxes lying around your home. Not only can you save some bucks, you are saving the environment too! Many corporate gifts wholesale companies offer creative wrapping solutions as well. Today, we provide you with some ideas that you can use on your own wrapping or as a suggestion to your corporate gift provider. Check out our shortlisted gift wrapping ideas below:

Newspaper Gift Wrap

Newspaper gift wrapping gives off an old school and vintage vibe. If you are fond of reading the newspaper and usually stash it off somewhere after use, then it is about time to unearth those pages and put them to good use! Remember, the more vintage looking the papers are, the better. There is no hassle in using newspapers as gift wrappers. Let those creative juices flow and fold in whichever way you prefer. You can finish off the entire look with a colourful ribbon to complement the black and white newspaper.

Cloth Gift Wrap

This type or kind of gift wrapping was first famous in Japan. This method of gift wrapping is called furoshiki. It is a method where a cloth is used to cover items to be given to someone. A lot of people prefer this kind of gift wrapping as they are also very economical and eco-friendly. Plus, the cloth can be recycled to be used at home too!

Foil Bags

Instead of just dumping them into your waste bins, you can recycle foils that are from bags of chips to a gift wrapping material. You just have to clean them using soap and water and let them dry. After they dry, you can start cutting and wrapping your gifts with these shiny foil bags! This way, you get a wrapper that is sparkly and adds a shiny touch to any gift you are about to give. Also, don’t forget the ribbons!

Do-It-Yourself Wrapper

When we say do-it-yourself wrappers, we mean, get blank coloured papers, some drawing materials, and start crafting! You can put any design you want, draw anything your heart desires and let your creativity take over the work. Plus, it also gives out a more personal feeling when you design the wrapper yourself. Even though it takes time, it is definitely worth it.

Print Out Wrappers

Out of the many options you can choose from, one is having wrappers printed on a speciality paper. There are tons of craft and do-it-yourself websites that offer free downloadable designs you can print. Just be sure to use high-quality paper so that the wrapper will come out beautifully.