Factors To Consider While Buying Corporate Gifts In Singapore

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Corporate gift buying in Singapore can be challenging especially if you are covering a large number of clients and employees. You have to consider factors ranging from the culture of recipients to the company’s policy on gifting. However, this should not stop you from appreciating the people essential to your company’s success. Remember a corporate gift, unlike personal or any other type of gifts, should always maintain the professionalism of the giver and the company at all times.

Singapore is a multicultural state comprising of Chinese, Indians and Malays. This means some corporate gifts such as leather products may end up offending Indians while alcoholic items may not go well with Malays, who are predominantly mostly Muslims. Below are some of the factors to consider while giving corporate gifts.

  1. The Company’s Policy on Gift Giving

Most companies in Singapore have a limit on the price of the gift. You can find the limit after a quick search in your organisation’s policies. This protects you from the awkward situation that follows after the recipient rejects your gift due to the violation of the company’s gift-giving policy.

  1. Quality Versus Quantity

A corporate gift is a representation of a brand, meaning it can build or destroy your company. Therefore, a single high-quality gift will always leave a positive impression on you and your business compared to many low-quality gifts. You can get high-quality corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore from corporate gift suppliers without splashing out serious cash.

  1.  Your Budget

You must consider your budget especially if you are gifting a large number of people. Sometimes one large group gift, for example a fruit basket, is preferable when working with a tight budget. You should always strike a balance between spending too much or too little on a corporate gift to avoid giving the wrong impression about you or your company.

  1. To Customise or Not

This is a factor that you should really consider when looking for corporate gifts. You will never go wrong with a personalised gift since it represents the recipient’s tastes and personality. The time and effort spent customising a gift show that you value your customers and clients. Alternatively, you can also send a gift and include a handwritten card addressed directly to the recipient.

  1. Packaging

Packaging goes a long way in showing how much effort someone has put into a gift. Additionally, it can leave a lasting impression about the giver and the company itself. Therefore, you should consider investing in a right gift box and attractive gift-wraps. Avoid using gift-wraps of the color blue, white, and black color since they signify death or mourning but instead use vibrant shades of purple, pink, or green.


Corporate gift giving is essential if you are looking to maintain a good relationship with your employees and clients. Remember this is one of the few chances for you to build stronger ties with the recipients. Therefore, you cannot afford to make mistakes that may end up ruining you or your company’s reputation.