Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Gift Giving

Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Gift Giving

Giving a gift should be easy, right?

Well, in reality, that is hardly the case. Moreover, things get more complicated when you have to pick customized corporate gifts yourself. There are hundred and one things you must keep in mind because if you overlook an important detail, then instead of strengthening ties with your clients and consumers, you might alienate yourself from them and that will be a huge shame.

If you are planning to handout customized corporate gifts, this post is all that you need. It tells you everything you need to know about gift giving.

So, let’s begin.

Do’s of Gift Giving:

  • The gift must be practical: There is more to gift giving than picking a gift. Start with doing research about your consumers, specifically about which item they are likely to use. You would not want to give something that your clients and customers will rarely use. When you gift a practical item, it shows that you are attuned to the needs of your consumers, and believe us, such a gesture never goes unnoticed or unrewarded.
  • Customized the gift: Apart from imprinting your brand’s logo on the gift, you can customized a short message on it.
  • Customized the card: Some gifts might not be suitable for imprinting a customized If that is the case, ensure you include a customized card with every gift.
  • Understand how your gift will be perceived: Different companies have a different policy regarding gift-taking. Some might allow its employees to accept inexpensive gifts but have an unwritten rule of not accepting extravagant gifts, which are perceived as bribes. On the other hand, some companies might have no restriction whatsoever on gift-taking. Moreover, some companies might ultimately prohibit accepting a gift. Do your homework and know not only whether your gift will be accepted but also how it will be perceived.

Don’ts of gift giving

  • Don’t give something that is culturally unacceptable: Different countries have different cultures. Make yourself familiar with the country’s culture because it is possible that certain items might be unacceptable to your clients. For instance, giving an expensive, rare wine bottle might be perfectly normal in certain cultures, especially during festivals, but unacceptable in certain cultures.
  • When should the gifts be given: You should know when the best times to give a gift to your clients. Is New Year a good time? Alternatively, is it best to indulge in gift giving during a local festival? Is it better to give a gift after you have made acquaintance with a client or would be giving a gift before the first meeting will pave the way for a smoother relationship?
  • Think twice before handing out expensive gifts: In certain cultures, like Japan, the cost of gifts does not matter. However, in several countries, an extravagant gift can hint at certain expectations.