Different Ways Of Personalising Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a significant milestone for any student, to mark the completion of this phase of his or her studies. Students of all educational levels deserve a present to congratulate them for their scholarly achievement, from when they complete kindergarten to graduating from university. You can find customised corporate gifts in Singapore that can be graduation gifts. Corporate gift suppliers will guide you through most of the selection process until you get the right one. Remember that graduation gifts vary from one student to another depending on their level of study. For example, a gift for a graduate who is ready to enter the corporate world may be a bad option if given to a teenager who is just joining high school. Therefore, it is ideal to personalise the graduation gift depending on the student’s age, personal tastes and level of study. Below are various ways of customising graduation gifts.

  • Monogramming

Monogramming is a common way of personalising gifts, including graduation presents. You can include the recipient’s initials on items such as wallets, business card holders, a leather journal, or a date planner. A college graduate will need all these items in the workplace, so giving them such a gift is a perfect way of keeping them organised and professional.

  • Embossing or Engraving

Most corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore will include embossed pens and pencils as graduation gifts. You can take your gift-giving game a notch higher by including a short saying, their name or initials on the stationery. Such a gift is ideal for the kindergarten or high school graduates since they will use the items in subsequent study levels. You can also get an embossed executive pen or a diary for a college graduate who is about to join the working force. Other items that you can emboss include mugs, keepsakes or wishing balls.

  • Framing Items

Students joining high school are always homesick and framed picture of their home or parents would be an ideal graduation gift. You can also present a college graduate with a framed picture of their best moments in school. It is even more thoughtful to make a photo collage of all the special times you shared together.

  • Screen Printing

Dorm laundry machines and city laundry shops experience high traffic from all kinds of people. Therefore, a personalised towel or laundry bag would be a thoughtful gift since it minimises the hassle of identifying your items. Many friends visit high school students while they are away from home and a customised item will help them pick what is theirs without struggling too much.

  • Printed Collection of Home-made Recipes

Most graduates who have just finished college have never been in a kitchen, and some of them might not know anything besides boiling or frying an egg. A customised cookbook with their favourite meals will be a big favour for them as they prepare their own meals.


Graduation gifts can be challenging to choose, but you can never go wrong with functional presents that will help as they enter another stage in life. Most graduation ceremonies involve the family and close friends of the graduate. This means that you have a general understanding of his or her likes and dislikes that you must use to your advantage. Remember most things you will find at corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore are ideal base options, that you will have adjust it to fit your recipient’s tastes and personality.