Corporate gifts of the month of April 2017 goes to the item MUG

Corporate gifts of the month of April 2017 goes to the item MUG.

It could be just one very basic gift, but if this gift is given for a correct purpose, the result can very positive. Especially for the company employee.

The mug with the desired logo printed on, can be distributed for many occasions. For example, presenting it to new employee is a practical idea, as this could give the new staff a warm welcome and a sense of belonging to part of the company like a family.

Also, supporting this item as the favourite corporate gifts for the month April 2017, is from a MNC company in Singapore whereby they have placed an order for this mug for their April company event.

Initially, the company have more complicate ideas, but VivoGift being the chosen customized corporate gifts supplier for them, we are proud to say that we have provided that a good solution by going back to the traditional gift.

The company human resource department feedback that the mug is a simple item yet useful for the employee and a memorable gift for the new staffs.

Additionally, we also received comment from the company internal staff that, this giveaway is really a good initiative by the management.