Corporate gifts: Do they have an impact on your business image?

Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore

Most companies have integrated corporate gifts as part of their marketing, communication, public relations and customer care strategy. A company can decide to give business gifts to the employees, customers, other businesses or as part of a corporate responsibility program. 

Your company’s communication and marketing is geared to improving its business image among various stakeholders including its customers, investors, employees, and suppliers among others. Company gifts can be an invaluable tool for improving a company’s image.

How corporate gifts improve a company’s image

  • Promote customer loyalty. When you give gifts to your customers they feel appreciated and that they matter to your business. The gifts help the business create a positive relationship with the customers and ultimately cultivate loyalty.
  • Promote employees’ motivation. Business gifts are a good way to reward employees for their dedication and good work.
  • Raise brand awareness. Branded company gifts can be used as a means to improving brand awareness to potential customers
  • Improve company image and perception. People who receive a company’s gift are likely to have a positive perception of the company.
  • Promote business-to-business relationships. Just like individuals, businesses take note of gifts given to them by other businesses. It serves as a reminder of the good will of one company to another, hence helping to form and maintain good relationships with vendors, distributors and other organizations.

Effectively using corporate gifts to improve business image

The key to improving your company’s image using corporate presents is ensuring that you choose the right gifts for your target audience. You are therefore faced with the decision of what items to give and whether or not the gifts will be customized.

Business gifts range from items such as notepads, pens, letter openers, utensils, wearables, umbrellas among others.

While one gift may be appropriate for one customer, it may not be appropriate for another. Therefore, when deciding on what kind of gift to give, consider first whether the gift ties to the company’s image and secondly whether the gifts will suit the recipients’ tastes.

You will need to clearly understand the receiver and their relationship with the company. For instance, the gift given to top investors may not be the same as the one you give to a regular customer. You may want to invest more and maybe customize one for the investors.

Work with a reliable gift supplier. A corporate gift supplier will help you identify the most suitable gifts for your company as well as help with branding the items.

Human nature is such that we are appreciative of gifts. This appreciative nature explains why giving corporate gifts are an effective tool of improving corporate image. When the right gift is given to the right stakeholder, business gifts help promote a positive image and perception of your company. Your best bet at using company gifts effectively is to work with a reputable business gifts supplier to choose, create and present customized corporate gifts well.