Corporate Gifts Clients Will Actually Use

Conveying your gratitude to clients is a sure way to boost repeat sales and maintain close professional ties with them. At times, a thank you card may be enough, but you may wish to express your appreciation with a corporate gift. Choosing whether to get a gift for a client isn’t hard; the tough part is choosing a gift that the client will actually value and not throw away.

The gift shouldn’t be too personal, extravagant or devoid of any thought. Ideally, it should fit the interest of the client. Bear in mind that while you’re the one who determines the cost of the gift, it is the recipient who determines its value.

Of course, the main purpose of gifting your clients is to show your appreciation for their continued support to your business, but corporate gifts play a crucial role in promoting your brand by increasing brand awareness and visibility every time the client uses the gift.

For a successful corporate gift-giving program, here are a few corporate gifts that will be useful to your clients and hopefully evoke a good response from its recipients.

Fitness products

Staying in shape is not a fad but a lifestyle these days. Fitness items suit all types of clients- workout enthusiasts, busy travellers, and people on the go. Regardless of what industry you are in, fitness promotional items are a unique way to show your customers that you care about their wellbeing. Choose from fitness kits, pedometers, radios, water bottles, gym duffel bags or any other fitness products.

Leather journal

Be it to organise their schedules or to take note of stuff, the corporate environment demands plenty of note-taking. The gift of a leather journal to your clients will allow them to note down important details in their day-to-day activities. This is a great personalised corporate gift in Singapore. Personalise it with the client’s name. Every time the client jots down something on the journal, your company will be at the front of his or her mind thus maintaining a lasting impression.

Traveling power bank

A portable charger is a perfect gift to share with your clients to generate a solid, lasting relationship with them. The good thing is that your clients will use it regularly, whenever they’re not able to access a car charger or a wall socket. The power bank can be carried out on trips or when someone spends a whole day out of the office. Another advantage of the power bank is that it can charge more than one device at a time.

Bluetooth speaker

Thinking of a corporate gift to surprise your clients? A Bluetooth speaker ticks all the boxes. Its wireless capability plus power-saving feature means users will always carry it on the move, affording your brand boundless exposure both to the recipients and other people who see it.

In closing

The convenience and functionality of the items mentioned above make them perfect corporate gift ideas in Singapore.