Corporate Gifting for Beginners: What, where and when?

Corporate Gifts Wholesale Singapore

After understanding the do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting, it is time to think about the best possible gifts for your clients, customers, and employees.

What type of gift should I get?

The best possible gifts are determined by factors such as:

  • Company budget

How much money is available to spend on gifting?   

  • The nature of the relationship with the recipient of the gift

Are we already acquainted? Will gifting this person cross a line?

  • The culture or religion of the recipients

What do their customs have to say about gift giving? Will this gift cause offense? Which holidays do they observe?

  • Taste or preferences of recipients –

Is this person fussy? Does he/she have an expensive taste? Will he/she like this type of gift?

It is important to ask yourself these questions before making a decision on the type of gift you should get to avoid awkward exchanges or causing offense.

Corporate Gifts can fall under three broad categories:

Luxury Items
These are often unique, expensive and produced in low volumes. These are for special occasions and prestigious individuals such as heavy investors, retirees who have made major contributions, V.I.P clients, and other special persons. Luxury gifts may include lunches or dinners, briefcases, stocks, gift baskets, wine or personalized outings (eg golfing, tickets to sporting events or live shows, spa days.), etc.

Giveaway Items
These are less personal, less expensive and in low volume. These include earphones, mugs, calendars, clocks, etc and are given to clients, customers and employees alike. They are different from standard items and though they may not necessarily be unique, they should be easily identifiable with, for example, their logo on it.

Standard Items
These are typical corporate gifts and are the most affordable of the three. These include customized pens, water bottles, notepads, T-Shirts, etc. and are distributed in high volumes for low prices.

Where do I get gifts?
In Singapore, there are a number of wholesalers and retailers who specialize in producing high volume or bulk corporate gifts for your clients, customers, and employees. Depending on the type of gift you wish to give, these corporate gift wholesale companies and retailers offer additional services such as delivery and customization and even advice on the best possible corporate gift for you.

When do I give gifts?
Showering your clients, customers or employees with gifts may come off as weird or inappropriate and make them feel uncomfortable. Some ideal events that warrant corporate gifts include:

  1. Birthdays, Anniversaries or Holidays

Giving employees, customers or clients birthday gifts will help to strengthen and deepen the relationship you share with them. It will also show them that they are in your thoughts and that you are important.

  1. Recognition Of Years Of Service

It is important to highlight important milestones as a measure of good faith and to show that you appreciate your employees for all they have done for your company. This may be a luxury gift or a standard item for employees, clients and customers alike.

  • Rewards/Recognition For Hard Work

This includes specific awards such as the employee of the month, with giveaways, incentives attached or even gifts for meeting a specific objective or requirement.

  1. Welcoming Gift

Welcoming gifts are a great way to show clients, customers, and employees that you look forward to your time in business together and appreciate their decision to work with you. This includes standard customized items such as water bottles, T-shirts, backpacks, jackets, etc.

Now that you have been given all this information, it’s time to make a decision! What type of gift will you be giving?