Corporate Gift Packaging Tips for the Holidays

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Ever received a gift or reward from your favorite store only to unwrap the packaging and find that it was broken, crushed or poorly packaged?

Among consumers, the quest for corporate gifts is as stressful as it is for the company’s packaging team. Sure, corporate gifts are a grand gesture celebrating those who stood by the business throughout the year and a show of gratitude. But packaging gifts in a tacky manner can have an negative impact on how the client receives the product.

Packaging corporate gifts is a job often left to volunteers and employees who may either have little wrapping experience or time to package each item carefully. They may know little about wrapping customised corporate gifts in Singapore. Yet, companies still expect them to do an impeccable job.

To help with that, here are crucial corporate gift packaging tips for this holidays’ business gifts.

  1. Garment Shipment

Packaging a gift package of clothes is probably the easiest of them all because of the 2-piece garment box. The garment shipment box comes with a top and box where the item is placed, and the two fit into each other perfectly well. The ultimate goal when packaging a garment box is to have the company logo visible and the holiday ribbon carefully tied around the package.

  1. Gift Bags

Ideally, gift bags suit multi-piece gifts once all of them have been wrapped well individually. This option replaces conventional gift baskets and also serve as an economical alternative since the bag is reusable. To package gift bags, you can add coordinated seasonal patterned paper atop the bag before tying a beautiful bow on its handle.

  1. Cello Basket Bags

These bags aren’t a huge favorite for many because they don’t look very fasionable. But being very economical, and suitable for everyone, Cello Basket Bags have a multitude of uses. They also come in varied sizes and thus are ideal for carrying almost everything. To wrap them well, therefore, just tie a bow of custom branded ribbon in the right place.

  1. Gable Box Gifts

When it comes to using gable boxes to wrap corporate gifts, these special bags will accommodate almost everything; foodstuff, tea and coffee, body care products and even a spa kit. They can function as a gift basket or be wrapped to resemble a first aid kit. However, it is their uniqueness and cost-effectiveness as gift baskets that make these pieces very popular and thus a favorite for many. If you are using them, just wrap them up like cello basket bags.

  1. Wine carrier boxes

Some of the most popular packages this holiday period are wine boxes. They are elegant as corporate gifts because of how they are wrapped and come with a handle. Carriers are tall because they carry wine bottles that are bulky and expensive. Covering them, however, is a breeze since you just pop them open, arrange the bottle and use a holiday ribbon to tie it up.

  1. Giftware Box

For items that need to be kept as a surprise gift, a giftware box comes in very handy. These particular boxes come in different sizes because gifts vary in sizes. For gourmet foods, kitchenware, water bottles and anything that can be gifted to someone, choose this giftware box.