Best Ways to Keep Your Business Clients Happy This Year

Getting new clients is easy but maintaining them long-term can be challenging to many business owners. Therefore, keeping your customers happy and retaining a healthy relationship with them should be your number one priority if you intend to grow your business this year. A happy customer will always come back again and even refer your services to other customers. Some efforts aimed at making your customers happy may require you to spend some cash, but the returns will always out weight the initial costs. Other clients just expect you to invest more time and energy in building lasting relationships with your clients. Below are some of the best ways to keep your clients happy.

Appreciate them with Gifts and Small Tokens

A client is highly likely to come back to a place where they feel appreciated and recognised. You can give customised gifts to your loyal customers to show appreciation for their continued support. There are many corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore who are ready to advise you on the best presents to buy your clients, so getting one should be easy. Other types of gifts that you can give to your clients include discounts on particular items, tickets to a specific holiday destination, or a gift hamper from your store.

Over Deliver On What You Promised

A client will always be happy if you deliver more than what they signed up for. You can take on some extra work or offer to help on something that will benefit your customer without asking for anything in return. Delivering an item or service earlier than your agreed date is also part of going beyond on your service delivery. Your customers will highly appreciate the extra service that you offered, and they are highly likely to come back for more.

Effective Communication

Clear communication is key to enhancing positive customer experience. Most companies in the 21st century have a challenge maintaining healthy communication with their clients, but you can change that by providing an excellent communication service. Listening and giving timely feedback goes a long way in keeping your clients. Interaction with clients starts immediately from when they enter your business premises to the moment you sign off the deal. You need to update them on the status of a project and inform them of any changes on the set timescales. You should always follow up on a project after its completion to ensure that your clients have had a smooth experience.

 Take Responsibility for your Mistakes

Mistakes will always happen but what you do after that determines the relationship you are going to develop with your clients. It is advisable to call your clients and acknowledge the mistakes that happened without laying blame on anyone. Sometimes it is not enough to just say sorry. You can offer a plan to make it right which sometimes involves giving additional services or returning a portion of the fee you charged them.


A good relationship between clients and the business owners is the secret behind growing businesses. Therefore, you must be willing to make your one-time customer happy since he or she is likely to turn into a regular client if they are satisfied with your services. Remember to show kindness and appreciation to your clients at all times and follow up with them after a successful purchase or service delivery. Loyal clients who will help you run your business smoothly by referring their friends and relatives to your store, so you should do everything you can to keep them happy.