Best Handy Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts Suppliers

When choosing a corporate gift item, there are some things to consider, including age, preference, relationship with the receiver and more. Giving a thoughtful corporate gift will create a much better impression, as it shows your sincerity. Here are a few gift ideas you can consider:


One of the factors to consider when picking a gift is the relationship between the giver and recipient. Since corporate gifts are usually given to someone you have a business relationship with, an organizer is a great option. The seller should be able to arrange for printing of the recipients’ names on the cover. Such a simple act gives the gift a deeper value and uniqueness.

An organizer is also an excellent office tool for most people.


As mugs are commonly used both at home and in the office, and go with both genders, they are a very practical choice.

To personalize the mug, one can add a photo, name, favourite quote, or any other thing that the person receiving identifies with. A magic cup that reveals a picture of someone when hot content is poured in will be an impressive gift.

Key ring

Although key rings are usually thought of as a small gift, it can actually be practical, as a key ring will keep the recipient’s keys from being lost. A well-designed key ring serves both ornamental and functional purpose.

Photo frames

A photo frame can be placed on the desk in the office or mounted on the walls at home, making it another versatile and functional gift.

Adding a creative touch on the frames is a fantastic idea. The addition can represent the recipient’s personality or preference like a colour, unique material, among others. With this, the outcome will be a unique gift with a personal touch.

Pen holder

These can also act as decorations to add more life to the plain work desks. Again, like all the other gift ideas, personalizing the pen holders will be a great decision.

Pen holders or desk organizers come in different materials, style, colour, among others. You can also adopt a design depending on the occasion.

Gift vouchers

You can never go wrong with gift vouchers as the recipient can get what they need. Most stores offer this service, and you only need to decide on the stores and the amount. The voucher owners will pick items worth that value or more and top up the additional money by themselves if necessary.

There are many other things one should consider when getting corporate gifts. Some tips to remember are; get a gift that is durable and can be used by anyone. Avoid things like clothes and shoes, as they are dependent on size and individuals taste. Check portability and use as the age of the recipients. You do not want to invest in something that will gather dust on people’s shelves.