6 Office Warming Gift Ideas in 2018

It is the start of a new year, and most businesses are relocating, expanding, or opening new offices. Starting a new business or relocating to a new office can be stressful for both employers and employees. Therefore, a kind gesture such as an office-warming gift would be ideal to congratulate the business owners. Giving corporate gifts to your corporate partners moving or opening their office goes a long way in promoting good business relationships.

Choosing an office warming gift can be challenging for anyone, but there are many corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore where you can get just about any present. You should not be worried about getting the ideal gift for your friend, client, or colleague starting a new business. This guide will tell you some of the perfect office-warming gifts that you should consider giving in 2018.

Office Equipment

Business owners starting a new business will always budget for big office equipment such as computers, tablets, and printers, but they tend to forget other vital items such as a stapler, paper shredders, and other office equipment. Therefore, presenting a company owner with such office equipment would be a thoughtful idea.

Food Options

Food and fruit baskets are great office-warming gifts since all staff members can share them. Most employers will spend early mornings and late nights in the office trying to get all activities running smoothly. Therefore, a coffee maker would be an ideal office warming gift for a new business. If the business owner enjoys alcohol, then it would not hurt getting them a good bottle of wine or whiskey to celebrate their new office location.

A Gift Card to Cover Different Advertisement Options

Every new company spends a substantial amount of time and resources on advertising to gain new clients. Therefore, a gift card that covers many marketing services such as business cards and flyers will go a long way.

Entertainment Options

New business owners tend to spend so much time at work and neglect their social life. You can, therefore, present them with tickets to the movies or a live performance. You could also offer up a game of golf to get their minds off their new office and work.

A Power Bank

We are living in a digital age where you carry your phone everywhere. It is also equally frustrating if your phone is constantly dying especially when you are waiting to close a deal with a prospective client. Therefore, a backup battery charger would be an ideal corporate gift idea in Singapore.

Decorative Gifts

Gifts such as clocks, floral arrangements, a fish aquarium, or framed art pieces go a long way in elevating the mood in an office. They also bring some extra warmth to the office, making it a better working place for everyone.

You can get a wide range of corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore, so getting the one you want should be easy. There are many options to choose from depending on the message you want to put across and the type of the new business. You should be cautious on personalised gifts if you are not sure, to avoid giving a wrong impression.