5 Ways to get most out of your corporate gifts

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There’s no better way to show your clients or employees that they are special to you than by giving them gifts.
You can show your clients or employees that you value them by giving them gifts. The whole process will also make your relationship stronger, and as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, in business, just like in life, relationship matters more than anything. Research also shows that giving gifts helps spread brand awareness and boost sales.

With a range of customized corporate gifts items available, picking the right one could be a little daunting. If that is exactly how you feel, this post is all you need. Here you can learn the essentials of gift buying for clients or employees.

  1. Think from the receiver’s point of view

    Putting yourself in the receiver’s shoes can help you get a better perspective. Whether you are selecting a gift for an employee, business partner, or an important client, ask yourself if you would like to receive this gift if you were them. Thinking in this way will simplify the process and increase your chances of buying something that the receiver will love to receive.

  2. Pick an everyday item

    What is the purpose of your gift campaign? Do you want to keep your brand name in the minds of consumers? If yes, it would be much better to pick an item which they will use every day. The logic is simple: they will remember more if they will see it more. Examples beer can coolers, laptop bags, coffee tumblers, writing materials, and pen holders. Ensure the item you pick has a big enough imprint space where you can place your logo.

  3. Quality matters more

    What gifts you give does matter more than how many. Therefore, give fewer, quality gifts than numerous inexpensive ones. Another thing to notice is that you do not have to give gifts to everyone.

    Instead, you can hand-pick your best customers with whom you would love to make a big, lasting impression. Remember, it is much better to create a great impression on a chosen few than an unmemorable impression on many.

  4. Be aware of cultural differences

    If your office is a foreign company, you must ensure you are familiar with the gifting traditions followed in that country. Similarly, if your client comes from a different cultural background than yours, you should know what is acceptable and what isn’t in his or her culture.

    For example, in China, you never give a gift wrapped in white, because white symbolizes death. Similarly, in Japan, the value of the gift is not given much importance, whereas in some other cultures expensive unique corporate gifts signify certain expectations.

  5. Personal delivery

    As much as possible, you should try to deliver gifts personally. This will make the recipient feel all the more special.

    So, with this last tip we round off the post. Just one last thing though: If you are giving a personalize gift, you should always attach a personalized card with the gift, big or small.