4 Reasons Why Corporate Gift Giving is Important

Every business knows how important successful client relationships are, but most don’t do enough?

A thank-you phone call, email, or card is nice, but none of these is kind enough. You got to do something extra to foster strong relationships with your clients.

So this extra is… gifts.

Nothing works better than gifts at showing clients how much you value your relationship with them.

Why You Should Give Gifts to Clients

Ever heard of a term ‘drip campaign’? Well, it is a method of staying in touch with your clients and customers to strengthen the relationship, as well as to encourage repeat business. Companies mainly use emails to stay in contact with their clients. Constant contact gives certain benefits.

This same principle applies to corporate giving. By giving gifts you show clients you value them, and this gesture helps to foster a stronger relationship with them and encourage more business.

Here are not one but four unique reasons why you must regularly send gifts to your clients.

  1. Gifts surpass geographical boundaries – Irrespective of where your clients are located, you can nurture your relationship with them by sending gifts.
  2. Customized corporate gifts gifting strengthens your brand – If you are going to make gift giving a part of your marketing strategy, ensure you always use customized gifts. Sending gifts with your brand’s logo makes much sense. It makes your client remember your branding, which is one of the purposes behind gift giving. You can customized gifts even further by imprinting a client’s name or a personal message on it. If that is not feasible, ensure each gift that you send includes a customized card with it. Remember, clients want to feel special and a customized gift goes a long way in showing them how much you value your association with them.
  3. Keeps the relationship open – What will happen when you send a gift to a client? Well, for one thing, you open up a line of contact with him or her. In all likelihood, the client will express his or her thanks upon receiving the gift and this, in turn, will provide you with an opportunity to discuss current business requirements and solutions. Even if a line of contact does not get opened immediately, you can rest assured that gift giving puts your business in front of your client’s mind. For instance, you have sent an attractive gift hamper with a customized card to a customer on his birthday. In all likelihood, your gift hamper will sit on his desk for several days, reminding him of your business.

Gifting helps you rise above competition – It is likely that your client would’ve been approached by with other businesses. It is also very much likely that your client might also be working with your competitors as well. In a competitive business environment, it’s important to gain an edge over competition. One way of doing is by giving customized corporate gifts. Clients like to give their business to those whom they know well and like. A well-planned gift is an efficient way to stay ahead of competition