4 Popular Ways of Customising Corporate Gifts

4 Popular Ways of Customising Corporate Gifts

Personalising corporate gifts has become very common among most companies recognising their employees for their excellent work. There is a general increase of customised items such as branded pens, embroidered t-shirts, or printed mugs. This has also seen the emergence of more suppliers of customised corporate gifts in Singapore. Therefore, we cannot ignore the importance of personalising and customising corporate gifts for loyal clients and employees.

Why Personalise Corporate Gifts

A well-customised corporate gift not only demonstrates a lot of effort and time used in appreciating the recipient but also serves as a perfect way of leaving a positive impression. It is also a chance for the company to promote their brand and improve their corporate value. However, you should always personalise the gift to suit your clients or employee’s personality and lifestyle and not to serve your own ego. Many methods of personalising gifts are available today ranging from embossing, engraving, and screen-printing among others. Below is a detailed description of the standard methods that most companies use to customise their corporate gifts.

  1. Embossing

You can only emboss items such as folders, diaries, wallets or notebooks made of PU leather. While embossing a gift, the designer uses a metal mould with the desired graphics imprinted on it. They then use heat and high contact temperatures to create the desired graphics on the leather item. You can use this method to add a touch of elegance and sophistication on your corporate gift.

  1. Screen Printing

It is one of the quickest methods since all you need is provide a name, a photograph or a personal message, which is then printed on the gift. A computer processes the information before printing it directly on your desired product. It is ideal when you are looking to customise many gifts at once since you can easily replicate the logos and messages. Some of the items you can personalise using this method include mugs, pens, t-shirts, and baseball caps. Gifts customised using this technique may not maintain their quality for a long time since the message or the image printed is bound to fade after repeated washing.

  1. Embroidery

It is similar to screen-printing with the difference being the use of thread to stitch the desired design or logo onto the gift instead of ink. Embroidery is a permanent way to customise clothing, towels and other woven items. The technique is a favourite for most people since it is wash resistant.

  1. Engraving and Etching

Engraving and etching makes the gift feel like it was custom made for the recipient. Engraving involves incising the desired graphics or words directly on the gift through a machine, laser engraving, or hands. Etching, on the other hand, involves removing some material from the present to create the desired graphics or initials. Engraving and etching are ideal for gifts made from wood, glass or metal.


Designers use many ways to customise corporate gifts, but the choice of one over the other depends on many factors such as the type of gift, its material used in manufacturing it or its size. Some methods may be ideal when you are presenting gifts to a small number of people while others are better for a larger group of recipients. This is because you must give the company some time to customise each gift depending on your preferences before you collect it. Remember a personalised corporate gift leaves a longer lasting impression compared to a generic gift. There is no shortage of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, and you should pay them a visit if you decide to distribute corporate gifts this holiday season.