3 “Must-Knows” when Giving Corporate Gifts

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Customized corporate gift giving is a common practice. However, companies must pay close attention to the details involved so that the corporate gifts can serve the intended purpose successfully. A corporate gift is simply a gesture that is offered to another business or the employees, customers, or other stakeholders. The gift can be in different forms including certificates, food items such as chocolate bars, donations, and more. Keep in mind that a corporate gift is not part of any business agreement and is offered independently of the services your company offers.

Here are three crucial things you should know about corporate gift giving.

1. Business Policies Regarding Gifts Vary

Each business will likely have specific policies regarding customized corporate gift giving. These policies are put in place to ensure that the business management and the marketing staff within the company understand the necessary boundaries that must be respected when giving gifts to the company’s stakeholders. Do not be surprised that some businesses such as attorneys insurance companies, some retail stores, and more even ban the practice. In some cases, the company might limit the value of the gifts that can be sent to its stakeholders.

2. Improper Corporate Gifts

When offering gifts, you should make sure that the gift isn’t perceived as a gesture to persuade or dissuade the recipient in any manner. Thus, you should avoid giving corporate gifts during a bidding even if Christmas holiday or any other holiday is approaching. That is because your intended gift recipient can perceive it as a bribe. Additionally, avoid giving corporate gifts to a business you are still negotiating a contract with. Lastly, you should avoid giving overly expensive gifts.

3. What Kind Of Company Gifts Should You Give?

Among the most important things you should know about gift giving, is when to give business gifts. Most business owners will tell you “send corporate gifts to your business stakeholders during the appropriate times.”

As said earlier, it is important to make sure that your company gift will not be mistaken for a bribe or anything to dissuade the recipient. Note that the gift should reflect the type of relationship between your business and the recipient. For instance, a different type of gifts should be chosen for a long-term employee and a new employee.

Always remember that the gifts should match that styles and preferences of the recipient but are still within the rules and bounds stated. Sometimes, you can add a personalised touch by including a written note in the gifts.

Giving a customized corporate gift is a perfect way of recognising business relationships, your loyal customers, employees, and other important business stakeholders. The corporate gift can be customized to reflect the theme of an event or even your business.