10 Gift Ideas for Your Female Co-Workers


Corporate Gifts Wholesale

Though there are a lot of options out there, you might still find yourself stuck at trying to figure out what kind of gift to give to your female co-workers. Although some may say that it is easier to find gifts for women than men, still, it is difficult to get the perfect piece that is appropriate for specific people.

However, we have rounded up ten bestselling gifts that you can get from different corporate gifts wholesalers in Singapore:

  1. Business Cards Holder.
    • Display your business cards just within your reach and never have a problem of going all over your drawers when a client asks for a copy. Get her a trendy business card holder to display on her desk for an added punch and flair. An elegant, sleek-looking holder usually does the trick.
  1. Sleek Desk Lamps.
    • Maybe it is about time you let her throw out that boring desk lamp she has been using for years! A beautiful, shiny, and non-fluorescent desk lamps are best choice to liven up her desk environment. It adds some more personality and make her workspace extra chic. Plus, its non-fluorescent so it is not that glaring to the eyes.
  1. Quirky Desk Calendar.
    • A quirky desk calendar lets your officemate plan creatively. You can buy these calendars either in weekly or monthly format depending on your preferences. A quirky desk calendar does not only let you plan but also get her motivated as she will be more inspired to finish a specific task or the whole work day.
  1. Calming Bath Soap or Bath Salts.
    • Everyone wants to unwind every once and in a while, including your co-workers, but how can they do that if they are too busy? Fret not! You can gift them a lovely set of calming bath soaps or salts that they can enjoy even in the comforts of their home. Your co-workers will surely enjoy these soaps and escape from reality for even just thirty minutes!
  1. Mug Warmer.
    • Everyone in the office seems to be a coffee junkie, but there will always be that one person who is particular when it comes to her coffee. Nobody wants to drink their cup of coffee as cold as water so a mug warmer is a nice choice to keep those cups from getting too cold!
  1. Cute Powerbanks.
    • In this age of social media where you simply have to document and post everything, getting a notification of low battery is a horror story. Instead of the normal square powerbank, why not swap it with a cute powerbank that makes charging extra fun?
  1. Scented Candles.
    • Yes, they are decorative, and yes, they are relaxing as well. You might want to consider gifting your co-workers aromatic candles that will surely lift stress and exhaustion. Choose candles that have relaxing scents like peppermint, vanilla, and lavender.
  1. Cookies in a Fancy Jar.
    • Gift her with a fancy jar of cookies she can display on top of her desk. Not only it can make her table top look cute, but she can also munch on these cookies whenever she does not have the time to eat due to working non-stop in front of her computer.
    • You want to know one way to make a space look fresh and lively? Try adding up a small plant or a pot of succulents to create a fresher vibe inside a normally dull workplace. It also adds a motivating and refreshing air in the environment!
  1. Acrylic Desk Organizer
    • Organize in style with an acrylic desk organizer. If your co-workers like organizing stuff and putting things in place, this is a good gift idea. She can display her fancy office supplies while being neat and tidy at the same time!

It sounds like a lot of gift suggestions, right? All of them can sourced on through various corporate gift wholesalers in Singapore. Start looking up on them now and impress your female co-workers.