What You Should Know About Corporate Gifting in Singapore

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It is prudent to think of your customer or staff positively. You can extend your appreciations to them through corporate gifting. For many countries, gifting is simply that; gifting. They may not read too much about the gift as long as it is within safe boundaries and has no intended meaning or is misleading. However, this approach cannot work for Singaporeans.

There are many customs and even superstitions when it comes to gifting in this part of the world. If you are a visitor in Singapore and wish to show your gratitude or appreciate a friend, do not rush to the nearest corporate gifts wholesale in singapore before you understand what works and what doesn’t. Your great intentions may be misinterpreted which may ruin your relationship. Though they will understand that you are a visitor and not aware of their customs, they will not forgive your ignorance. It will show you have no interest in their culture and ruin any business prospects. Therefore, before you gift your Singaporean business partner, take the time to read this article and understand how to go about corporate gifting without offending anyone.

Religious beliefs
Singapore is one of the most religiously diverse cities in the world. Most of the religions are represented with Buddhism being the most followed religion according to a 2014 study. Other dominant religions include Taoism, Islamic Christianity among others. Therefore, before you think of buying unique corporate gifts in singapore, take the time to understand the religious background and beliefs of the recipient.

For instance, it would be wrong to give a Muslim any figurines, especially to children, that represent a pig or dog. When it comes to food, avoid products that have pork in them unless you are sure the recipient does not give much regard to religion.

For your Chinese friends, stay away from cutting gifts such as knives, scissors or swords. Such a gift will indicate an end to your relationship. Interesting right? How about your Hindu business partner? For them, it is taboo to kill a cow. Therefore, stay away from leather products and any confectionary that may contain beef.

Avoid food gifts in a dinner or luncheon
Carrying food as a gift to a Chinese, lunch or dinner event will not only be inappropriate but also an insult to the host. Your gift will be communicating inadequacy on the part of the host. They will feel offended that you felt the food offered was substandard or did not meet your expectations. Instead of food, visit a store selling personalised gifts in Singapore and look for a souvenir or even a piece of jewellery.

Be cautious with monetary gifts
Singapore has one of the strictest stances against corruption in the Asian continent. There is a hefty fine on bribery, and therefore, your Singaporean business associate may not accept such a gift. They will think you are trying to bribe them. It is essential to stay away from any monetary gifts. There are outlets selling customised corporate gifts in Singapore where you can shop for appropriate gifts.

Don’t be in a hurry to unwrap
Where you are the recipient of the gift, fight the urge to unwrap the token in the presence of the giver. It is not polite in any situation to do this. Your action will depict you as a greedy, impatient person. They will not wish to work with such a person. Besides, the gift may turn out to be a wrong choice, and your facial expression will indicate if you do not like it and worsen the situation. Once you receive the gift, express your gratitude and store it away to unwrap later.