Tips on Cultivating Relationships with Your Corporate Donors

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Enjoying support from your corporate donors especially in these tough economic times is a blessing. You must be among the lucky few in Singapore who can breathe easy and enjoy a peaceful night especially when the stock market does not promise an easy time ahead. You must work hard towards achieving the right relationship with your donors. That way, they will be willing to invest in your company continually.

You need to show them you are worth their time and money, and you are not the only one competing for their attention and sponsorship. Other companies too would wish to enjoy a piece of the corporate pie. In that case, it is required that you nurture the relationship with your donors and ensure it withstands the test of time. You must go beyond the ordinary phone call or courtesy visit to maintain relations with them. If you have no idea how to go about it, the following tips will give you some guidelines.

Immaculate Gifting Strategies
Gifting is an excellent way of cultivating relationships with your donors. However, to achieve the desired results, you need to do it professionally and ethically. If you go wrong with corporate gifting, your message may be misinterpreted, and the donors will not be comfortable working with you.

They will feel that you are trying to buy them into supporting you, something that does not go well with donors. Consider hiring a professional corporate gift-giver for your company as a sensitive task like that should only be handled by someone with extensive knowledge. As more and more companies are adopting corporate social responsibility initiatives, eco corporate gifts in singapore will be an excellent choice for you. The donors will be glad to receive eco-friendly gifts from your organisation. Additionally, your professional gift-giver can also customise the gifts to suit the recipients.

Do Research on Your Prospective Corporate Donors
Not everyone out there can qualify to be your corporate donor. Before you start cultivating a relationship, conduct a background check. Shortlist the people or companies that you think can join your donor list. As a rule of thumb, you do not want to start working on a relationship blindly as it will cost you money and time. Once you have your list ready, check their financial status to see if they have the capacity to fund your projects. Check if they have funded other companies and to what extent their investment goes to. That will give you a clue on how much money you can expect to receive if you secure the sponsorship.

Prepare your proposal
You have your list of potential donors and even an idea of how much they are worth and to what extent they can fund you. So what’s next? Are you going to approach them blindly and tell them stories of how much you have achieved and intended to achieve in the future? You will look ridiculous, lost and with no purpose. Get your proposal ready and give all the details of what you need to be funded. If you have no idea how to prepare such, look for professionals who can help you prepare a winning donor proposal. While at it, ensure your audit report makes fiscal sense, otherwise, no one would be willing to waste their money on an organisation that cannot account for the little resources they have.

Dinners and Luncheons
Now you are set and ready to roll out your sleeves. From your list of donors, send invitations for lunch or dinner and state your agenda. During the event, have all the happenings recorded and captured into your CRM system to help you manage future prospects and learn from your mistakes if any. After the event, send thank-you notes to the attendees for taking the time to attend your event. You can collaborate with customized corporate gifts in singapore dealer to help you send out the gifts. Remember to hammer your agenda during the meeting and give a clear outline on what you want to achieve.

Donor cultivation is a process that does not begin and end in a single day. It takes time and effort to cultivate such a relationship. You will invest time and your resources before you can reap from it. Brace yourself for several meetings and more luncheons. Remember to be patient and act professionally.