The Etiquette of Corporate Gifting

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Smart people realise that a small gesture of kindness is important in the corporate world. It will make a huge difference in creating and maintaining a healthy and a long-lasting business relationship. Corporate gifting is a powerful way to increase the productivity of your employees. In fact, it is a tried and tested method to make your clients and customers happy with you. And keeping them happy is the only way you can keep your existing clients coming back to you. When you send a gift to a potential client, it conveys the message that you actually are quite serious about doing business with them.

However, when selecting a unique corporate gift in Singapore for your colleagues, partners and employees, you need to find a perfect gift while keeping the protocol of the business in your mind. In fact, there is a certain etiquette you need to follow for corporate gifting. What are these unwritten rules? Let’s get straight to them!

Follow the Guidelines of the Company

Many companies in Singapore have certain sets of rules as to what kind of gifts their employees can receive. Make sure you learn about it before buying anything. Head straight to the HR department.

Keep in Mind the Interests of the Client

When buying anyone anything, it is always a wise thing to know what things they like and buy according their tastes. This will give the recipient positive impression as they will clearly see that you really have put in the effort to buy something they like.

Consider your Budget

Some companies don’t have huge budgets for corporate, and too inexpensive ones would make you look cheap. So doing your homework is important. Look out for Singapore’s corporate gifts at wholesale prices. This will give you an idea of what to buy at a reasonable price.

Think Well Before Buying

When thinking of corporate gift ideas in Singapore for the opposite sex, make sure you think twice before you select anything. Often, things can be misinterpreted, and you can’t afford that in the corporate world.

Presentation is important

Remember, do not give a gift without a wrapper. It looks irresponsible. Make sure the packaging is done the right way. Even better, personalised gifts in Singapore will please your client to no end.

Be Generous

If you wish to send a cake or a chocolate, make sure you pack enough for your client to share with the others.

Don’t Forget the Goal

Finally, never forget the purpose of sending a gift. You want people to think well of you and do business with you. If you remember this, selecting a corporate gift will be easier for you.

As mentioned earlier, all the companies have different policies when it comes to corporate gifting. While some may accept gifts of certain types, there are some companies who would perceive it as an inappropriate gesture. Make sure you are aware of the policy of the company before you decide them to send a gift. If you are looking for customized corporate gifts in singapore, there are plenty of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore to get them from.