How to Win Over Your Potential Clients

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In most cases, customers have no idea what they need. They have a vague idea of what they want but with no specifications. When they go out shopping for a product, they do not have a checklist. Others don’t even know whether they need a product or service. They make the decision after coming across an insanely excellent salesperson who convinces them they need the products. Did you at one time go out shopping for your household shopping only to get back with a bag full of clothes? Yes, it happens to many people, and you are not alone.

If you have convinced a customer that you are worth their time and money, do not celebrate yet. They can change their mind so fast. Before you know it, they have already moved to your competition. This happens because you did not do a great job of convincing them to partner with you. It boils down to how you present your company to the customer. If you do not address the needs of that potential customer, then you will lose the game. So how do you win over that potential customer? Here is your guide:

Win their trust
When you go out fishing, ensure you lay all your cards on the table. Let your potential customer know what to expect once they board the ship. Answer all their questions in a transparent manner. In case they realise you are hiding information from them, they will not move to the next stage. No matter how information may look casual to you, it could be the deal breaker to your potential customer.

Address their needs
That potential customer is not interested in your company’s tagline or the mission of the company. They also do not care whether you won a noble prize for whatever course. Their concern is whether you can address their needs. If they are struggling with poor record keeping, can you provide a system that can solve that? Therefore, when you go out to make your presentation, forget about boring them on how you have won ten awards in the last one year. Trust me they already did a background check on your company and are already aware of that. That they have agreed to meet your team for a presentation is a strong indicator that they are interested in collaborating with you. Therefore, in your presentation focus on the specific points that indicate you can solve their problems.

Be flexible
You must have policies and procedures that govern your organisation. They are important since they offer guidance on how your team should operate. Occasionally, you may encounter a potential customer who may require you to bend the rules. Do not be too rigid. Evaluate the risks that you will expose the organisation to by breaking policy. If the deal is great, bending a rule here and there will not hurt. You can seek an exemption from your legal department and close the deal.

Use promotional materials
Some potential customers will require more than a mere presentation. They have seen other presentations, and yours is no different. Be a little unique and approach the potential client with promotion materials. You can leave them with a sample of your products in the form of a gift. Corporate gifts wholesale shops in singapore can help you come up with appropriate ones that you can use when approaching such clients.

However, be careful when gifting a potential customer. They may think you are bribing them to collaborate with you. Working with corporate gifts suppliers singapore professionals will help you manoeuvre the corporate gifting successfully, and you will achieve your goals without hurting anyone.

Timely communication
Once you’ve nipped the bud during your first meeting, the subsequent presentations should not be too difficult for you to handle. From your discussion, the potential client will require feedback. They will make a decision based on the kind of feedback you give especially if they need clarity on products and terms of the contract. Do not take your sweet time giving such information.

Now you have all you need to go out there and close the deal. Never meet your potential customer like someone going on a blind date. Do some research on them so that you can ask appropriate questions during your meeting. Prepare adequately and closing the deal will not be too nerve wrecking.