How to Charm Your Global Partners

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If you are looking forward to going global in your business, there’s no other way but to look up to your partners. They are going to open up avenues for you to take to the global stage. Hence, it is imperative that you not only strike a good rapport with them but come up with some out of the box ideas to make a difference. How about offering some customised corporate gifts in Singapore to your global partners?

Here are a few more tricks that can win the game for you:

Dressing up sharp
Start with the basics. Do not leave anything to chance, even if it is as superficial as dressing and style. A proper dress code is extremely important in business. Hence, be as formal as you can when you are going to a meeting with your global partner or dress appropriately when you are going out for dinner together. If you are travelling to a foreign country to meet your partner, do some proper homework about the business etiquette of that country. There are a few countries which permit semi-formal dress codes even in business meets while there are ones, where you have to be strictly formal. Doing your research will prevent any backfire when finalising key deals and will enhance your business prospects.  

Welcoming them in style
A touch of luxury always makes a difference, and it is true in a business partnership. If your global partner is coming to your backyard, you cannot instruct them to book a cab. Instead, you should rent a limo, and if possible, be present when they appear. That will make a striking first impression. Receiving them with a bouquet or an eye-widening gift is also a fantastic idea. You will find a wide range of service providers who come up with customized corporate gifts in singapore. Talk to them and decide upon the gift.

Additionally, you can offer them some private space which will make them feel at home. This is especially apt if your partner came with their partner. It’s not common for businesspeople to come with their family in these overseas business meets.

Blending business with pleasure
There is a plethora of aspects to consider when it comes to organising business meets with global partners. One of the trickiest points is blending business with pleasure in a perfect way. If you do not have a ranch or a farmhouse where you can receive your partner, arranging the best hotel that you can manage is an absolute imperative.

Arrange the meetings according to their schedule, and make sure you have the best beverages to serve and with meals that should contain local cuisines and their favourite dishes as well. Negotiations at times can be lengthy and exhausting. Make sure you arrange for regular breaks, and there must be ingredients that will act as stress busters. After you finalise the deal, indulge in some sightseeing wherein you need to accompany your partner around the city and its suburbs.

Leave some time for shopping for your partner to indulge in and purchase something for them as a gesture of business etiquette that will make a difference in the long run.

Other aspects, like maintaining punctuality, mixing business with humour wherever applicable, and being complimentary are some acts that can make a difference. Conclude the meeting with a parting gift that you have meticulously picked out from corporate gifts wholesale suppliers in Singapore.