High-end Gift Ideas for Your International Partners

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You must have put a lot of effort trying to convince an international client that you are worth their time and money. You used all your sales and marketing strategies to win them over. Months of negations finally paid up, and the deal was closed. They left all the other firms offering similar products and services and chose you.

Do not settle in yet; the work is not over. Just when you think you have it all figured out, your client could move to the competition. Closing that significant deal with an international client is not enough. You must work smart to retain the customer. You must be thinking that offering excellent customer service and superior goods are the only ways of ensuring your international client sticks with your company.

Well, you could be right, but other companies are going beyond customer service to retain customers. Gifting is one such method. Do not look at it as an expense but an investment. Going out of your way to surprise the client with a gift will help you win their loyalty and will always choose to partner with you. This article will explore top high-end gifts for your international partners.

Club membership
Your international partner is not your ordinary type of customer. They have invested in your company, and thanks to them, you are enjoying the profits. Spending a worthwhile gift on them will therefore not hurt. Check for health clubs in their country and buy them a membership. If you are not sure whether they are the sporty type, a health club will be a safe one. It can be a massage, yoga or even a gym membership. For you to get it right here, you will require to carry out comprehensive research on the type of clubs available in their country. Choose one that has several branches and is within their town or city of residence. A unique corporate gifts dealer in Singapore can deliver the gift through courier or any other convenient method.

Charity gift
Companies give back to the community through charity. It is a way of recognising the role of the community in building successful enterprises. You can, therefore, sponsor a charity organisation in their country and credit them for it. This will be an excellent way of apprenticing your partners for choosing to work with you. Some of the charity events you can consider include tree planting, buying food for a children’s home, a cleaning activity among others. The charity event will help your partner advertise their services and strengthen your relationship. They will never forget your kind gesture. Personalised gifts outlets in Singapore can help you with the planning and logistics.

Sponsored them for an event
What are some of the things that resonate with your partners? Do they love sports for instance? If so, you can sponsor them to attend soccer tournaments or even the world cup. If they are football enthusiasts and receive a ticket to watch the world cup in Russia, they will worship the ground you walk in and double their loyalty. If they care about conserving the environment, you can sponsor them to attend a summit on environmental conservation. The list here is endless.

Understand what they value and sponsor them in that line. If you are not sure of some of these summits or events, visit some of the corporate gifts wholesale stores in singapore and share your ideas. They will give you an array of options and help you to deliver the token.

Reading material
The only way to gain knowledge is through reading. You can never have enough knowledge. A book, magazine or journal is a well-thought gift for your international partners. It does not have to be business related literature. You can choose something entirely different such as fiction, poetry or even a society magazine. Pay for the subscription and have it delivered to their offices every month. You can pay for a year’s subscription and choose to renew the subscription at the end of the year. Your partners will always remember you whenever they receive the copy.

Corporate gifts do have to be flashy. You need creativity to get it right and send the right message to the recipient. The right corporate gift will help improve your business relationship and even win over your partners as not just business people but also friends. Working with some of the top customised corporate gifts stores in Singapore will make the whole process easy for you. Use the above gift ideas and surprise your international partner with a unique corporate gift.