Five Trends Of Environmentally Friendly Corporate Gifting

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Mother Earth has been exploited for a long time. The planet has witnessed gross over-exploitation of natural resources due to global surges in population. There are not adequate resources for all of us. Factories have also popped up in all the corners of the world due to industrialization. This has led to severe effects on the environment and governments have taken note of this.

Global warning, wild weather fluctuations and environmental degradation show us the damage done to the Earth. Different organizations have appealed the government to advocate for a better environment and more concern to the environment. Any company that shows a sign or any act to conserve the environment will always boost its public image and win the hearts of many.

There are different ways of using your organization to show off your green side. It could be through office gadgets, tree planting, and most trendy one; corporate gifting. If you are yet to embrace eco-friendly gifting, here are the five trends you should be aware of.

Sponsored CSRs
Companies are using better and innovative ways to go green. Sponsored corporate social responsibility is one of the methods of rewarding customers in a way that will touch the community. A trend you can embrace is tree planting. Identify a client that you wish to sponsor for this activity and send them printed company t-shirts to wear to the event.

Singapore’s budget corporate gifts dealers can help you come up with the right t-shirts for the event and send to your clients. Incorporate your company’s logo and that of your client in the t-shirts. You will enjoy publicity and help improve the environment.

Use of recycled products
There is so much that you can do with your office’s waste products. Some of your manila papers can be used to design elegant cards that you can use as seasonal greetings during festivities. Make use of your designers to come up with these cards and send to your deserving clients and staff. You can collaborate with companies that use recycled materials and select products that suit your customers and staff. Working with such a company will help you make the environment a better place.

Use of solar powered gifts
When selecting a gift for your customers, think of those that will not have a negative impact on the environment. If you send a solar-powered gadget to your recipients, they will appreciate your gesture and read your intentions to preserve the environment. Some of the gifts to try out are power banks, solar panels, among others. If you have the capacity and wish to surprise an exceptional client, you can consider a biogas plant.

Use of e-cards
You may want to send a card to your clients inviting them for dinner or thanking them for their support. You can forget the archaic method of sending printed cards to people. With the use of technology, companies no, longer need to use such a technique. Send an e-card and help conserve trees. Engage your corporate customer service staff to capture all the details of your customers in your CRM system and send the card during birthdays, anniversaries or in case they have a wedding.

Use of bamboo gifts
Going green does not mean you cannot send an elegant gift to your clients. A gift made from bamboo will be an excellent idea. It could be a knife holder for that client who loves spending time in the kitchen or a bamboo coffee table for one who loves interior design; the list is endless. Visiting some of singapore cheap personalised gifts shops will give you some excellent ideas to work with.