Fighting Coronavirus With Face Mask


Entering into the new decade of year 2020 is very much looking forward by many. However, it started with a challenging situation for the world second most powerful economy country China and also at the same time uncontrollably, spread to serveral other countries worldwide.

Consider epidemic, the Wuhan Virus is a form of Coronavirus. It actually takes the name under medical microscope that have the image of crown like structure. It causes infection in human respiratory system and could transmit from affected person to person. The symptoms are quite similar to common flu. Such as fever, cough, etc. very much encourage everyone to play their responsible part by preventing the victory of this scary Wuhan Virus or  any other virus. Following are the few ways:

  • Practicing good personal hygiene
  • Wearing face mask to protect yourself with a suggested 3 ply surgical face mask
  • Of course please wear face mask ( 3 ply surgical face mask ) if feeling unwell and go to see doctor. Qurantine yourself if necessary
  • Last but not least. Do follow local government advisory. Such as from Singapore Government source directly. That includes or

At the same time, we also noticed various initiative and measures rolled out by Singapore. For instance, there should be more than enough of face mask stockpile at NTUC warehouse. Also, very appreciative to the support and goodwill move by Singapore to help giving allowance to  residents that are required to be quarantine. For more information please visit the relevant Singapore government website.

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